There once was a 14 year old girl named Naomi. Naomi loved animals in general and, although she had never had a dog, they were her favourite animal.

Every day on her way back home from school, Naomi would stop at a small park to say hello to a little puppy named Linda. Linda always went for a walk at that time with her owner.

Short Stories Chopi

“I wish I had a little puppy like Linda,” thought Naomi.

But Naomi didn´t know that a new member of her family was waiting for her back home. So just like every other day, she came running into the house, hung her back pack on the coat rack and went to the dining room, where her parents were waiting for her.

As she walked into the room, she heard a little bark and noticed that something was pulling her shoe laces. “Hey, hello, who are you? Is this little puppy for me, mum?” Naomi asked her mother, barely able to contain her joy.

“Yes, the puppy is for you,” said her mother.

Naomi noticed that Chopi (this is what she decided to call her dog) couldn’t stop trembling, and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her dog. One morning, Naomi left the house to visit the vet. She left Chopi at home sleeping as she just wanted to chat to the vet to try to understand what was happening to her dog.

After her visit to the vet, Naomi went to school. She now had an idea of what to do to make her dog stop shaking.

When Naomi got home, her mother was waiting for her to give her some bad news: Chopi had run away.

Although the news was not good, Naomi wasn’t sad. She thought she knew what might be going on, so she ran back to the vet. Her mother, who had no idea what was going on, decided to go with her.

When they arrived, she found Chopi there! Her intuition was right. Naomi had realised that Chopi just wanted to feel at home, and was looking for a warm familiar place. After that, Naomi made Chopi a nice dog house in her back yard, just like the one at the vet’s, so the dog could be happy and feel at home.


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