Lucy, a 6 year old girl had a very strong personality and always listened to other people’s advice. Since she was small, she accepted advice from older people, but what she didn’t like at all was to obey orders.

She was always put in a bad mood when her parents ordered her to tidy up her room, or clean the table, and her parents didn’t want her to have that attitude.


So Lucy´s parents planned to make Lucy more obedient by taking advantage of the fact that she liked to take other people’s advice.

So one day her father said: “Lucy, I am going to give you some advice. When we ask you to do something you don´t like, raise your arms and repeat these words; bad mood, bad mood, get out of here, instead of getting annoyed.” Lucy was really surprised. At first, she didn’t understand the advice, but she though it was funny, so she decided to follow it.

The next time Lucy was about to get angry she said the magic words and something unexpected happened. Lucy started laughing and forgot why was she annoyed with her parents.

From that day on she realised that it wasn´t worth the trouble of getting angry and always obeyed her parents, knowing that her parents always acted for her own good.




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