Once upon a time there was a boy who had felt inferior to others ever since he was small. His results in class were worse than the rest, and everybody in school used to make fun of him because he was so clumsy.

Sometimes he fell over playing football, and the other children used to laugh and say: “Paul you are so clumsy!


This kind of thing was not good for Paul as every time somebody made fun of him, Paul went on the defensive.

In fact, he was very special, really smart and kind and he liked to be in contact with the others. But the more he grew, the more he defended himself and his inferiority complex against the others, and that made him feel really bad.

One day Paul met a 15 years old girl and he liked her very much. Her name was Nicole and they started dating. One day, when they were at the library, Paul asked Nicole about a doubt he had, “Nicole, do you know how to do this maths exercise?”

“Yes, it’s very easy, don´t you know how to do it, Paul?” – said Nicole, and Paul felt inferior- “Of course I do, I don´t need your help”.

So Nicole stood up and said: “You shouldn’t talk to me like that. I wasn´t rude, I was just asking if you knew it, nothing else.” and left the library.

After some time of reflection, Paul realised that Nicole did not mean to make him feel bad, and that he shouldn’t be like that, or feel inferior to the others, because that attitude could hurt his loved ones – loved ones like Nicole.

From that day on, Paul changed his attitude and lived happier than before.


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