Once upon a time there was a boy called Peter who went to school. One day, Peter took one of his classmate’s pencil case, and hid it in his bag.

When Ian realized that his pencil case was missing, he told his teacher.

The teacher asked angrily: “Has anyone seen Ian´s pencil case?” – but nobody said a word.

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“Don´t worry, we will find it.” – said the teacher to Ian. But they couldn´t find it.

A few days later, Peter  also took Mary´s short stories book from her bag and hid it too.

Then the teacher started to suspect him. One day, when the pupils were at break, Peter´s bag dropped to the floor and Mary´s book fell out of it.

When Peter came back from break, the teacher punished him and told everything that had happened to his parents who then also punished Peter.

A few weeks later, a bag with classroom material inside it disappeared. Everybody thought that Peter had stolen it, so the teacher punished him again. But this time, Peter was innocent.

Peter cried and cried, and had learnt his lesson, and he never stole anything again.





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