New Short Story for Kids written by: Marcelo Montero

Helen was a smiling and rebellious girl, who lived with her parents in the house they had inherited from her grandmother Martha.

She fell in love with the garden immediately, and with the lush ivy growing around the balconies and columns.

frog short story girl toad

A splendid lemon tree blossomed with a hundred colours. Young fruit hung from the thin branches, grazing the green ground. There was a grey plot behind, which was where she met her for the first time.



She was sitting looking at the pasture, waiting for who knows what, with her eyes half-closed due to the incessant drizzle in the sunshine. Helen approached her carefully not to scare her too much and then hesitated:


The greeting that came back was both low and high-pitched, saying “Croak“. A large smile appeared on Helen’s striking face and from that moment, she and the sweet little frog to whom she baptized “Croaky”, became inseparable friends.

After a long time of friendship and sharing the little frog became ill. Helen was worried but nobody paid attention to a girl´s caprice especially when it was just a sick frog.

They could not understand what Croaky meant to Helen. So, the girl waited for a miracle, and prayed the whole day and night crossing her hands over her chest.

Days passed but Croaky did not recover. Helen sobbed intensely with sadness in her heart and then something unexpected happened…


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Moral of the Short Story: Wishes can come true if we wish for them from the bottom of our hearts.

Values of the Short Story: friendship, Love, faith.


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