New Short Story for Kids written by: Marcelo Montero

Click to read:  FROG CROAKY (FIRST PART)

…One night, when all the lights were switched off, a particular dew settled on the garden, and a chorus of voices filled the air which tasted like honey.

frog short story girl toad

Helen saw lights jingling as fireflies approached them, and when one of them sat on her shoulders she thought she was hearing voices whispering in her ear, but that had to be impossible. Nevertheless, a sweet and melodic sound interrupted the silence:

– “Don´t cry” it said.



The voice was now really clear. Shocked, she fell backwards to the ground and as she sat up she watched as those green and grey lights became smaller and a woman dressed in brown autumn colours appeared instead.

Tiny and shiny, the woman could fit in the palm of a hand. Helen opened her eyes, rubbed them many times, until finally, she asked what was she doing there.

The fairy introduced herself and introduced the others who were with her too. They were all very sad because they had heard Helen sobbing from their houses at the top of the trees.

The rabbit was also there and came out of his den, the squirrel too, who left her wet corner, even the snake woke up from her lethargy.

Obviously, there was quite a stir that night. Helen’s worrying had reached all their hearts. Suddenly, the fairies began to exchange knowing looks, laughs and whispers. They had come up with a plan.

One of them shook her wand and pointed it up to the sky, and an emerald green light sparkled. Then, all of them said loudly:

-“Your wish will be done!”

Croaky´s eyes opened as if by magic, blinking. Helen was shocked and excited at the same time, her cry scared all the inhabitants of the forest who jumped for joy when they found out what had happened.

Helen held Croaky in her arms and gave her the most tender of kisses. The little frog had returned from her dreamy illness, and only love, real love could have made this miracle happen.


Moral of the Short Story: Wishes can come true if we wish for them from the bottom of our hearts.

Values of the Short Story: friendship, Love, faith.


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