Short Story Written by: Sharon Krager

Tuesday was the first day back at school after a long, hot summer vacation. I got up a little early to make sure I had everything ready to start my first year in high school. This was going to be a great beginning of a great four years for me. All of my friends felt the same way I did. They were ready to get out of junior high and move up to the big school, Feldman High.

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I packed everything I needed in my new backpack and headed down stairs for breakfast. Mum was cooking scrambled eggs and my big sister Anna was making toast. Anna was a senior this year. We would finally be in high school together for her last year and my first year. We finished our breakfast and piled into the car. Anna sat in the front seat while I rode in the back. It took about ten minutes to get across town to the high school. Kids were everywhere. I was getting a little nervous when Anna spoke up and told me that she would walk me to my first class and that she would probably run into me at lunch time.

The day was long, and there were a lot of new people to meet. I got lost only once. When I went upstairs I went to the wrong end of the hallway looking for my class. Luckily another girl was looking for the same class. We were a couple of minutes late but we explained what had happened and the teacher just brushed it off.

I got the chance to get acquainted with that girl at lunch time. She told me that her name was  Amanda Peterson. I told her my name was Malynn Walters. We sat together and began talking about things. We hit it off right away. I noticed that she was very pale and that she didn’t feel very well. She told me that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors had found a tumour in her brain a few months ago. She and her family had just moved into the neighbourhood. She explained that she had been taking treatment to get rid of the cancer and it had left her feeling tired sometimes. She said she and her family had decided to go ahead and let her start school because it seemed like she was doing well enough to try.

After lunch we went on with our classes for the day. I couldn’t help thinking about my new friend, Amanda. I did not know much about cancer, but I was sure that it was not a good thing.

For the next few weeks, Amanda and I became very close. She missed school every once in a while because the treatment she was taking made her very sick. I prayed that she would get better. My heart went out to her and her family.

One day she told me that some of the people that go to her church had come to visit her and had given her an angel with the most beautiful wings she had ever seen. She had put it on her dresser in her bedroom where she could lie in bed and look at it. She said it reminded that people do care about what she was going through and that many people were praying for her to get better.



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