Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

His name was Angel, but everybody called him Lolo since he was little.

He was a sad, selfish kid, an only child and very lonely, because he was always thinking about eating, and became so fat that his class mates rejected him.


Hi parents, Josh and Sarah used to give him some money every day to buy a snack. He did not lack anything, but he missed the company of a friend, and the appreciation of the other boys and girls who lived in the town. His loneliness made him quite sad.



Lolo enjoyed eating cake, fried chips and popcorn after school, unaware of the other boys and girls’ economic problems. They did not have money to buy sweets and candies because they were poor.

This was his life, getting fatter and being hostile towards the others becuase of rejection. Then, one day, their teacher explained that children in Africa were hungry and had no food.

That afternoon, after school, as Lolo searched inside his pockets for the coins his mum had given him that morning to buy a cupcake and a bar of chocolate, he remembered what his teacher had said about Africa.

He sat on a bench situated in the town’s main square facing the candy shop, and for the first time forgot he was hungry.

“What´s wrong with me?…Why am I not buying popcorn or one of those giant, delicious lollipops?” – He was about to enter the shop when a good fairy appeared and reminded Lolo that there were many poor people, not only in Africa, but also in his own town, that didn´t have enough food.

The fairy asked him:

-“Lolo, do you know how many seeds could you buy with the money your parents give you?”

-“Why are you talking about seeds?” said Lolo, “I don´t want seeds. I´m not a bird. I want to buy candy because I haven´t eaten in a few hours and I´m hungry”.

-“Trust me Lolo, you will gain weight if you keep eating sweets, and children will never stop teasing you, and you will feel really bad if they reject you. But if you and me make a deal, you will loose weight and everybody will appreciate you”.

-“Ok fairy. I accept your deal, what should I do?” – asked Lolo not too excited for having lost the snacks he wanted to devour.

-“Well done, Lolo you have made the right choice. Now go and buy seeds to plant chard, lettuce, tomatoes and onions”.

– “But I´m not a farmer! I can´t work on the vegetable garden. My dad does that”. Lolo was scared of the responsibility he was going to have to accept working on the vegetable garden.

- “Tell your parents that you want to plant vegetables in a small part of your vegetable garden, and that what you grow you will give to poor children, I´m sure they will encourage you to do it. You have to know that cultivating a vegetable garden is very good exercise for losing weight, so you will lose that annoying roll of fat that disturbs you when you run, walk, and play football with your class mates during breaktime”.


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