Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

Click here to read: GENEROUS FATTY (FIRST PART) 

…Lolo reluctantly went to the seed shop and bought seeds. He explained the project to his parents during dinner and ate only a plate of soup and a piece of omelette with chips. His parents, Josh and Sarah were suprised to see their son so very different from lunch time. Was their son sick?”


On Saturday morning, Lolo went to his parents vegetable garden and took the tools that his dad, Josh, lent him. He made different holes to put the seeds in and gave his lunch to the birds flying around, giving them the crumbs from his bread and olive oil.



He gave the cheese in his sandwich to the naughty mice that were jumping around waiting for him to leave so they could eat the seeds, and to the rabbits, who were watching him curiously. He gave gave walnuts to the playful squirrels to satisfy their hunger.

Lolo sweated so much that morning, but when he saw how well he had planted the seeds that were going to become food for poor children, he was so proud of himself.

He went inside the house, ate happily, was hungry with out excess like a normal boy and did not ask for “seconds” when his mom offered him a delicious creme caramel, his favorite dessert.

For many days after class,he went to his vegetable garden to water the land and tend to the crops he had sown.

Then one afternoon, when he went to the vegetable garden he unexpectedly found that many lettuces, chard, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers had sprouted.

Later on, he collected all the vegetables using his dad´s wheelbarrow and went to the houses of the poorest children in the town and gave them part of the amazing harvest he had reaped.


Click here to read: GENEROUS FATTY (THIRD PART)


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