There was a very old school, more than 500 years old, where important people had studied, such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor.

Strange things had been happening over the few last months, and the kids were convinced that there was a ghost trying to capture them.


One day one of the blackboards disappeared and teachers began to suspect. After searching the school for it one of the pupils found it in the gym.

When the sports teacher took it, he saw something written on it: “I’m the school ghost, meet me this afternoon in the gym, but only children, no teachers!”

The teachers were really scared, but the kids couldn´t wait to meet the ghost. So they all hatched a plan without telling the teachers and left a note in the gym telling the ghost where to meet them the next day.

The next day arrived and all the children were waiting in class for the ghost to come. Suddenly the door opened but nobody was there! Then a white shape began to slowly appear inside the classroom and the kids were totally shocked.

“I´m here to tell you my story! My name is Thomas Edison, do you know me? I invented the light bulb. Do you want to be inventors when you grow up?

“Yesssss!” – said the children.

“So… You have to study and make a big effort to get to be who you wish to be, Don’t stop studying!” – Then he disappeared and the kids stayed there with their mouths open.

The ghost´s advice influenced the kids and they began to study so hard.



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