Mely was 5-years old and her mother was the queen of all kingdoms.

Everybody knew her as “Little princess” because she was so small and cute and always smiling.

But, unfortunately, her mother died and the poor little princess became the only heir to the kingdom at 5-years old.


So, little Mely became the queen of the Kingdom. People didn´t like the idea because she was still too young but Mely was very smart. She had been with her mother during her entire reign and had learnt from her. But the most important value she had learnt was honesty.

One of the queen´s counselors wanted to take advantage of the situation and planned to discredit Mely and so disinherit her. In this way he would become King.

The adviser worked on his plan and began to speak badly of the little queen in the palace´s corridors, but Mely heard him and had an idea.

She convened all the townspeople in the main square to explain to them what the adviser was doing.

“I´m going to be a good queen. My age doesn´t matter, what matters is that I am not marred by adults politics. I will always be honest with you.  The advisor was then expelled from the Kingdom for being a traitor.  “We want honest values in our town!”

And that´s how Moly became one of the most valued queens ever, and people in town really loved her because she was nice and honest with them.




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