New Short Story for Kids written by: Lucía Nante.

Click here to read: TWO FRIENDS´ SECRET (FIRST PART)

…..That day, the school year was advanced, Lola, Bibi and other children were playing in the park like they used to do the spring afternoons with nice temperature, before their mothers, fathers or grandparents eyes.

Just in a moment, when the other kids in the park were distracted with the games of the park, Lola took Bibi´s hand and said: “Come with me, Bibi. I have to show you something”.

short stories sphere hands magic

They ran to a bench where Bibi sat anxiously. Lola put a hand inside one of her pockets carefully, and Bibi looked anxious. “What do you have in your pocket?” – asked her nervous.



Lola opened her hand slowly showing the sphere to her friend. Bibi was hypnotized watching the flashes coming from Lola´s hand, finally asked: “Can I take it?” –  “Take it” – said Lola, surprised because her friend was able to see the sphere.

Bibi put her hand on Lola´s and took that weird object, feeling the heat and lights between her fingers. Separated her hand from Lola´s to see the object from near, but was shocked of seeing that the sphere was still on Lola´s hand. Lola thought that Bibi was lying and did not take the object, but Bibi opened her hand and she had an sphere too. There were two spheres!

The two friends looked at each others shocked,  feeling their own spheres on their hands. “What has just happened?” – Said Lola to Bibi – “I just had one sphere”.

They could not understand it. After a few minutes looking shocked at each other and looking at the spheres, Lola told the story of her sphere to Bibi.

Told her about the “sack person” who one day in that same park, said to her: “That is everything you need for living” and many other things of her most kept secret.

She also confessed her that used to look at her sphere every night, and that she saw different things every night. Then, after listening everything, Bibi said: “The spheres will be our secrets and every day, we will tell each other what we have seen the night before”.

That afternoon, when Lola and Bibi were going back home, holding their grandfather and mother´s hands respectively; the girls were feeling more close to each other because were sharing the secret of the spheres.

And that is the end of the story…


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