There was once a farm situated on the outskirts of a village, called Bimbo’s Farm.

There were lots of animals there – cows, sheep, chickens and a little piggy called Pinky, who had been the last to arrive as he was only two months’ old.


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Pinky was a very playful little pig, who liked spending time with the sheep grazing out on the meadows. He would run behind them until Pluto the sheepdog told him off for not letting the sheep eat in peace. So he would stop bothering them – until Pluto’s attention was turned elsewhere…

For all his peskiness, Pinky was a very brave little pig, for one day when the sheep were out on the field he saw a wolf creep up in the bushes and pass unnoticed in front of the napping Pluto.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

All at once, the wolf bounded out of the bushes and made straight for the sheep, but Pinky

acted quickly and warned them to run as fast as they could back to Pluto. Hearing the sheep baa-ing madly, Pluto awoke with a start and raced to defend them by frightening off the wolf.

From then on Pinky became known as the brave little pig at Bimbo Farm, for it was thanks to him that the sheep were not injured by the wicked wolf. And so the sheep and the little pig Pinky became firm friends, and the sheep no longer minded the little pig playing with them.