There was a little lion called Tod living in a beautiful forest. The environment he lived in was perfect, but he felt sad.

One day he went for a stroll with his family and they went so far that they arrived to a scary part of the forest known as “The Black Forest” where all the animals were terrifying and mysterious.

All the lions in his pride avoided the black forest, Tod did also, but he had the misfortune to run off alone to the opposite side of the forest and get lost.


He felt even sadder as he now had to find his family, and so he asked all the animals around if they had seen them.

One day tired of walking, he saw a giraffe:

– “Hi giraffe, have you seen a pride of lions around here?” – he asked.

-“No, sorry, I haven´t seen any lions for a long time” – said the giraffe

The poor lion smiled dejectedly and continued his search for his family. Suddenly he fell down from a tree directly into a river, and was dragged along by the current.

When he opened his eyes he could see lion shapes all around him. He couldn´t believe it, it was his family:

– “Mum, dad! I was looking for you!”

– “You are such a brave Lion, Tod, just like your father. We have been looking for you too.”

Tod recovered his happiness after finding his family, and became a big, brave lion after a few years.




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