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Peter´s grandma is always telling fantasy and imaginary stories but she claims that are real.

One of peter´s favorite stories was the one of the unicorn; his granny told him that she went once to the river for a walk and there was a beautiful unicorn drinking from the river. She described the unicorn as beautiful and magic, with two big wings and colorful horn; and that he was actually talking with a mermaid who was swimming in the river.


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One day, the last lizard of the world woke up late and had to go to class.

Went down stairs for breakfast, but there was nothing on the table, and his mother wasn´t at home either. He thought her mum had gone to work forgetting his breakfast.

The last lizard of the world went directly to school very hungry but the street seemed empty and very quiet.

Short stories - The lame crocodile

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Short Story written by: Maria Abreu

Once upon a time there was a prince who was feeling really lonely and used to go every afternoon to sit at his garden to write sad poems.

He was so sad concentrated on his poems and sadness that never stopped to look at his beautiful garden, and didn´t realize that there was a fairy behind the roses observing him every afternoon.


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Short Story written by: Michel Martinez

Peter and Anna were one day going back home from school when passed through the park and decided to stay there a while to enjoy the sunny day.

It was summer, birds were singing and the landscape was looking beautiful. All the trees were leafy, green and beautiful but one.

There was one tree with no leaves and sad appearance. The kids asked the gardener why was that tree so sad who told them that it was going to be cut down the next day.

Short stories - The day of the tree

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Short Story written by: Teresa

Faraway from the city there was a town where the inhabitants were families of animals.

One day the ducks family went out for a walk, but when arrived back home duck mum realized that Ducky, one of her littles, wasn´t there, he got lost during the walk and it was raining!

Meanwhile, the pigs family was also outside enjoying the rain, they were having fun under the rain, playing with the mud... when saw the little duck alone under the rain.

Children´s stories - the ducks in the lake

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Very easy riddles for kids, you can guess the riddles with your friends and family.

They are very easy, you can solve them for sure!

And if you like them don´t forget to check the website, you have all kinds of riddles !

Improve your imagination with our riddles section.




1. What gets wetter as it dries?
2. What belongs to you but is used more by others?
3. What has 4 legs but can not walk?
4. Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it?
5. A cloud is my mother, the wind is my father,
my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land.
A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place,
and I´m the torment of man.
What am I?
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Momo was a little kid living in Africa with all his family, he had seen his wise grandfather´s songs rituals since he was too small.

His grandfather was the wizard of the village, or that´s how he was known there.  Legend says that when he was at the mountains singing his rainy song to the gods, all Africa was covered by rain during some hours. Momo knew that there was drought and how important was to distribute the water, so her grandfather was his hero.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

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