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Short Story written by: Stephany Gabriela (10 years old)

In a little town nearby a river lived a nice crocodile to whom everybody ignored, people was nice and happy except with him.

An old woman was always disturbing him and the rest of the animals used to blame him for everything, even if it wasn´t his fault.

Short stories - The lame crocodile

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Short Story written by: Maribel

A new planet was discovered, It was a wonderful place with advanced technology and incredible inventions where cars were flying through special roads.

In a big house with modern appliances and furnitures lived a special boy called Galaxon.


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Kevin was going to be 8 years old and was looking forward to his birthday party, had been imagining that day during months, a huge party at the garden with all his friends, clowns and even a trampoline.

But, unfortunately that wasn´t going to be possible, his parents had bought a car recently and couldn´t spend more money for the moment. They were worried, did not want Kevin to be sad, so after thinking during days finally had an idea to make a big party without spending too much money.



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There was an old man living in a village up in the mountains called Ernest who was taking care of his granddaughter Jane while her parents were working at the field.

Ernest had no friends because of his grumpy reputation, nobody wanted to be near him thinking he was a grouch man.


Jane was very sad because of that, she knew how kind and nice was her grandpa. So, decided to visit the “dreams tree” of the high hill to make a wish.

“I would like my grandfather to be more smiling, this way they all will know how nice and kind he is”.

The following morning, when Jane woke up and saw her grandfather preparing breakfast didn´t notice any change and assumed that her wish had not been granted.

But on the way to school a woman greeted them, and Ernest smiled her back: “good morning”- said. Jane was shocked, her wish had been fulfilled, her grandfather was smiling to everybody.

Everybody was very surprised and realized how wrong they were, is not fair to judge anyone before getting to know them.

From that day on, everybody in town had affection for Ernest who was known as the smiling grandpa.




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There was a king called Arthur who promised to all people of the kingdom a daily bag of bread. During a few months, everything went well, and everybody was very happy and thankful to the king.

But bad times arrived, grain started to be scarce and Arthur´s suppliers of bread had to close their business, so the king looked for another bread supplier, but didn´t find any.


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Short Story written by: Stephania Ferreyra.

Lauren and her friends Anna and Moly went the swimming pool on a sunny day and their mothers were looking after them.

Suddenly somebody touched Lauren´s shoulder, when she looked back saw Adeline, her fairy godmother who had come to talk to her; “I need your help, only you can do it”. Lauren felt a shiver.

Short stories - the forest fairy

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