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Short Story written by: Claudia Aguilera.

When holiday season arrives, many fairies come to our world flying at night time, so nobody can see them. They are all very pretty, but there is a special one called Sophie, she is really pretty, with long red hair, green eyes and white skin. She lives in the forest with her parents.

She is mixed birth, half human, half fairy. Her mom is hundred per cent fairy. Is the first time she comes to humans´ world, she is ten years old, lives in the forest where all the fairies live. Is so happy flying so fast at night, over the sea, the parks, the roofs and the trees. The fairies meet in a secret park to rest every time they come to our world, form a circle, bring crowns of flowers and colorful wings, drink grape juice and cider.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

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Short Story written by: Valeria Torres

Long time ago there was a little magic town called “Fingerland” everybody was very happy there, where the inhabitants were goblins working in what they wanted, they used to go where humans were.

They were working in a fair that consisted in fulfilling wishes to all good children. But one day went a girl called Claire that had an special wish, she wanted her mother back. But the goblins could not grant that kind of wishs, they could just grant normal wishes for kids, per example: a teddy bear, a doll, candies, money…but the wish Claire had make was forbidden for a goblin. If they fulfilled a forbidden wish would be punished by an evil dragon.


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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

Little Snail is friend of a ladybug, a cow and a monarch butterfly. They all had fun with Little snail and his slime. When the sun goes down, little snail hides inside his house and has a nap.

It was sunny, so they decided to go shopping. Even if it does not look like that, Little snail was very fast, and, with monarch butterfly´s help, they arrived into a place full of games.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

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Short Story written by: Cecijorgeesofi.

Bananas Monkey was brown, and he really liked put on costumes, but what he most liked was to visit her friend Sophie to her house, without telling her. Bananas monkey lived beside the lake in where the banana tree was, in addition to a high palm tree to climb.

One day, Sophie was taking a bath, and didn´t hear Bananas monkey getting into her room. When the naughty monkey saw a tutu skirt on the bed, took it and put it on.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

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Short Story written by: Sharon Krager

Click here to read The firefly jar (First part)

….A couple of days went by and we saw those two boys again at the park. We both asked where our jar was. They denied having it at all and said we must have lost it ourselves. We told them that they needed to bring it back and they ignored us.

“You bring that jar back to us.” Katie yelled. There was no reply.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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Short Story written by: Sharon Krager

Katie Wilson and I have been the best of friends for as long as I can remember. She and I would always meet up over at her Grandma’s house after the sun went down. That is where Katie and her Mom were living. We would play hide and seek, or catch, tell ghost stories, and catch fireflies in a jar. We had this clear plastic jar with holes in the top to catch all of the fireflies we could catch. It was like catching a treasure.

The fireflies were always safe with us. We would catch them and just before we went inside, we would let them all go.


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Short Story written by: Daisy de la Caridad Garcia (Madrid-Spain / 10 years old)

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch living in Italy. When the italians found her, locked her up in a tower so she could not do sorcery. But what they didn´t know was that she had a daughter called Katy that was borned some years before. Katy grew up alone, so she did not know that had powers.

One day, she was playing the ball in the park, a boy raised his arms and suddenly realized that was very high, near the clouds, looked down and saw almost the whole world, and said:

- “I´m flyiiiiiiiing!!!!

Short stories - The twitchy witch

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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

George, the farmer, had breakfast every morning at the same time, before sunrise. Had breakfast all together, drinking the milk of Cowy the cow, so fresh and delicious that Sophie drank two glasses of milk every day.

Cowy, the cow, was near the family´s house, at the other side of the pen, she was not alone, besides her mom and her dad, there was a rabbit whom Sophie had called Fluffy, because he had a very spongy tail, white like cotton.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

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