Today we have decided to write some animal riddles.  Some of them you might have heard and others are less well known.  You will be able to share them with your children, pupils, grandchildren, nieces and nephews,etc.  The purpose of these riddles is to develop your imagination. The more you do the faster you will solve them.

So here are 7 riddles. Try out your wit and see if you can guess the animals.

I spin my web in corners

And also between branches

To trap a careless fly

Who likes to take chances.

I am very hard to spot

‘Cause I change colour a lot.

With my tongue I eat a fly

That so quickly passes by. 

I’m the Queen of the sea

With neither teeth or tale.

When I’m happy I laugh

And when I’m sad I wail.

You can find me in the garden.

I like to munch on kale.

My name starts with an “s”

And ends with a nail.

 Come to the fields at night

If you want to meet me.

I have great big eyes

  I’m serious and wise.

I don’t look like a fish but I live in the sea.

One of the chess pieces looks like me.

I am large and have thick skin.

I never forget where I’ve been

And I have the biggest nose

That you have ever seen.

We hope you liked these animal riddles.  Leave your comments with the answers (that is, of course, if you have figured them out…)

Cuento infantil en espanol
Cuento en español

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