Once upon a time there was a library full of Christmas books. The library was situated in the centre of town, this way more children could stop by and read the wonderful books.

One day, Jamie decided to go to the library to read some Christmas stories, but when he got there the place was empty!  He couldn’t believe it, “All the Christmas books have been stolen!” he cried.

short stores christmas books

Although Jamie was only 5 years old, he loved to solve mysteries like this one.  He was determined to find out what had happened to the missing library books.

Jamie decided to look for clues to solve the mystery. Who could have stolen all the Christmas books?  He spotted an important clue that even the police hadn’t seen: He saw a lock of hair, and he realised right away that the hair belonged to one of Santa’s reindeer.

Jamie thought long and hard over why Santa would have taken the books, but he remained calm because he knew that the books would be returned by the end of the day.

Santa thought it a good idea to borrow the books so that his elves could relax at the end of a hard day’s work and enjoy the wonderful stories. They had worked so hard to help him with the Christmas preparations that it seemed to Santa like a wonderful way for the elves to enjoy their night.

But something unexpected happened. The morning the books were supposed to be returned, the elf responsible for waking everyone up, overslept!

That is why Santa wasn’t able to return the books on time before anyone noticed they were missing.  That night, Santa mounted his sled and rushed back to the library with the missing books. The books were put back on the shelves where they belonged.

Jaime trusted Santa, and knew he would return the books on time. “I can start worrying now,” Jaime thought.  He went home, and the next morning he decided to go back to his favourite library where, sure enough, all the books were back on the shelves, and he was able to read the most wonderful Christmas stories.


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