Children’s story written by Carmen Gloria Silva, 26 years old.

Lemon and Orange were two very special kids who had extraordinary parents.  Mama grapefruit was a housewife, that is, she was a mum and worked in the house.  And Daddy lime… well, what can we say about him? He was a very patient man, with great number of skills. Amongst other things, he was a great cook.

Short stories-Clementiny and the valencian orange tree

Mama grapefruit had some important errands to run so she would be out of the house until late afternoon.  While she was away, she gave all the family members a very important job to do. They had to help each other with all the house chores like sweeping, washing, ironing, cooking, and so many other things that mama grapefruit usually did every day. Continue reading…


Children’s story written by María José López Muñoz, 19

Once upon a time there was a little bright star. Everyone called her Red because of her particularly bright red color. She was the first star to come out at night, and everyone believed in her. People would look up to the skies and make a wish, and Red, through her special magic, would make every wish come true.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One night, Red received a strange request from a little girl that confused and puzzled her. The little girl wanted a guardian angel. The little star searched all over the universe, but couldn’t find an angel for the little girl. She gave the little girl a best friend, but realised that was not what the girl had requested. It was the first time the little star was unable to make someone’s wish come true.

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Short Story written by: Ana Maria Amarfil.

Once upon a time, there was a mother duck that laid ten eggs, but one of the eggs was different. It was big and spotted, not like the others which were small and white.

One by one all the eggs hatched. The big egg was the last one to open, and when it did, a curious baby duck appeared. He was grey and much bigger than his brothers and sisters.

Children´s stories - the ducks in the lake

The rest of the ducks always made fun of him, even his brothers and sisters. He looked different and the poor duck thought that he must be the ugliest of them all. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Mila

There was once a little shepherd boy called Nino, who lived in a little village at the foot of a mountain, with green meadows and a plentiful river. But it wasn’t just the beautiful nature that made the village a charming place, it was also the kindness of its one hundred inhabitants.

The little shepherd boy was always with his flock of sheep, his dog and his little donkey. Every day before the sun came up, Nino the little shepherd boy was already ready to milk the sheep and goats in his flock and then go out onto the meadows with them.

Although he was a little older now, Nino the little shepherd boy still spent all day outside, returning just before it grew dark as tired as his flock. Being a shepherd was indeed a very selfless job, for you needed to be strong and fit to spend all day every day walking through the fields. And there was the milking to be done too, so that people could have milk and cheese.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

Whenever there was too much milk from milking the sheep and goats, the little shepherd boy would usually share it out among the villagers. Continue reading…