Short Story written by: Ana Maria Amarfil

Every year a Big circus comes to the city, We the children are anxious to see the big lion opening his big mouth and showing his teeth.

The lion tamer is a tall, young man that puts his head into the lion´s mouth while all the women and children scream.

Children´s stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

We all think that the lion is going to bite him, but the young tamer takes his head out of the lion´s mouth and smiles and we all feel relieved. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Laura (11 years old)

Once upon a time, there were two very special dogs, that had an incredible power. Ron and Harry, (that was their names) could talk to people.

They were still very young, only four months old. Ron was a boxer and Harry was a labrador. They were both very good and smart puppies.

Short Stories Chopi

Nevertheless, the family who they were living with, abandoned them, leaving them alone on the street. The following day, a young couple, George and Lorrain passed by that same street and saw them. Continue reading…


Short story writen by: Luna Pilar Acevedo

Naty was a sixteen year old orphan. One day she decided to look for a job and the Malcolm family employed her because they needed somebody to take care of their pet.


Naty thought that their pet would be a normal pet, but it wasn’t. She nearly fainted when she found out that she had to take care of a dolphin! When she recovered she accepted the job. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Jorge (17 years old)

On a faraway planet, far from our galaxy, there was a civilisation called “Trock”. The Trock were stronger than humans and had different colour skin. They were, red, green and blue, and had special powers.

At the time of this story, the “Trock” were being attacked by invaders called “The Kalk” who were very bad and cruel. They had been thrown out of their planet because of their behaviour and so they wanted to control Trock planet and dethrone King Philip.

So King Philip and his soldiers made a plan that, if it worked, would lay a perfect trap to catch the “Kalk”

king, soldier

The plan consisted in making soldier figures wearing armour and putting them behind the door  so they looked as if they were going to attack the Kalk´s army, in which his brother, the evil Ferkus was the commanding officer. But Ferkus suspected that something strange was going on. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Alba

Once upon a time there was a girl called Karla, she was very shy. One day her father King Marcus ordered her to clean and prepare the guest bedrooms for visitors that were coming from the city.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

Karla´s mother was a strict and always ordered Karla to do lots of things such as washing the dishes, tidying up the room and taking out the trash. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Ale

Once upon a time there was a kid called Josh. He loved going for walks to enjoy the nature and the animals that were all around.

Short stories - The day of the tree

One day when it got dark, Josh went into the forest for a walk, even though his mother told him not to move far away from the house because he could get lost. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Laura, 11 years old.

Once upon a time there was a boy named “Chickpea”, well, actually that was what his family called him, but his real name was Charlie.

Ever since he was very small, his family had called him chickpea as a term of endearment because he had a cute rounded head.

lentil, chickpea

Joan, his little sister also had a nickname, “Lentil”, because of a mole she had on her back. Charlie always teased his sister by calling her Lentil. So their parents had to punishing them both, because they were always teasing each other. But one day this changed… Continue reading…


Short Story writen by Laura, 10 years old.

Once upon a time there were three kids that were poor and lived in a town near a big river. They were called Nicole, Charly and Mike and everyday they went out to beg for food.


The kids were really good and always helped their parents. One day a young woman passed by and saw the children. Continue reading…


Written by: Lucia Nante

In a beautiful field of flowers there was a hive of one thousand bees. When Spring was almost over, the Queen bee realised that her descendent, the young Queen bee was ready to accept responsibility for the hive. So now was the moment to transfer the young bee her position. After she had taught the traditions and social behaviour of the group, the old Queen would leave the hive and the young Queen would create a new hive.

One day, the Queen told the other bees of her plan of to transfer her kingdom to the young Queen. The young Queen knew the plan and asked some of them to go with her to create the new hive.


There was a little bee called Nala who saw the opportunity to leave and have new adventures. She had been told about the group of bees (swarm) that were to leave to build a new hive far from there.

Nala, like the others, had received the necesssary instructions on how to respect the queen at the new hive. One of the rules attracted her attention, it was about a big colourful flower with lots of pollen in which it was forbidden to land. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Camila Espinoza

Once upon a time there was a girl that was about to start her studies at a new university. Her name was Andrea, and she met lots of friends on her first day in class.


One day, she almost fell into a river when a boy called John appeared and saved her from falling in. .t that moment they fell in love. They looked at each other and said: “We should be together forever.” It was love at first sight. Continue reading…