Short Story written by: Lim Rixo (Colombia)

Once upon a time in a enchanted forest there lived lots of magic beings: Witches, fairies, goblins etc.

One happy day it started to rain and the goblins realised that the day had turned into a sad day. So they invented something to liven up the day during the rain.




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Short Story written by Emmanuel Castañeda Cardona.

There was a child called Peter who really loved playing. One day he found a bag of gold coins and started spending the money without telling his parents.

After a week, Peter heard on the radio that somebody had lost a bag of gold coins. When Peter heard the news he told his mother what was going on and that he had spent half of the coins.


Short stories - Lawrences-toy


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Short Story written by: Ulica Tizaber

Doggy´s owners lived in a little village and decided to get a dog.. It was a difficult decision, they really wanted to have a dog, but at the same time it was a big responsibility.

When they finally adopted him, they were very happy. They went out for a walk every day with Doggy and to the mountain every weekend. He was a good dog, very nice and polite.


Short Stories Chopi


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Short Story written by: an 8 year old boy

Once Upon a time there was a football team that used to win every match because they were very good players.

They were about to play in the football World Cup final, but they weren´t nervous because they were better than the rival team, or at least that´s what they thought.




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Short Story Written by: Laura, 11 years old

Once upon a time there was a dog called Harry who had magic powers. Every time he barked something magical happened.

He lived in a pet shop, and one day a girl called Cristina went into the shop. When she saw the magic dog she bought him without hesitation. She didn’t know what to call him, but in the end she called him Harry.




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Short Story written by: Roo.

John was a psychologist for disabled children. One day a boy called Marc visited him.

Marc told John that his father didn’t know how to take care of him. The psychologist listened carefully and then told him not to worry because he was going to help him.


The following week Marc came with his father. John talked to him about his son´s situation, but Marc´s father was not in the mood to listen, he was tired of the psychologist because had no work and couldn’t pay him.
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