Short Story written by: Camila Espinoza

Once upon a time there was a girl that was about to start her studies at a new university. Her name was Andrea, and she met lots of friends on her first day in class.


One day, she almost fell into a river when a boy called John appeared and saved her from falling in. .t that moment they fell in love. They looked at each other and said: “We should be together forever.” It was love at first sight. Continue reading…


Short Story for kids, written by: Vanessa

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Valerie who had an uncle named Philip. Philip took Valerie and her brother to a veterinarian named “PET”.

Valerie´s brother bought a hamster and called him Cia, then Valerie started to cry because she also wanted one. When her brother saw her so upset, he decided to buy another hamster. His name was Zuka.

Five months later Valerie realized that the animals could climb the curtains and that it could be dangerous because they could fall. Continue reading…


Written by: Sayuri Daniela

Once upon a time, there was a really pretty princess named Karla. She had red hair and liked to dance with her red shoes and dress. She was really happy because it was going to be her birthday the following day and it would be a really funny and special day for her.

shortstories princess

For her birthday, her mother wanted to give her a new red dress, but there were no red dresses left in the shop, and Karla started to cry. Continue reading…


Every friday, Peter went home back from school and thought about all the things he would do over the weekend. Even if the way was longer through the park, he liked to walk home that way so he could see other children playing.

That day Peter finished class earlier than normal and decided to stay in the park and play. He slid down the slide and suddenly something appeared at his feet. It was a briefcase.


Peter opened it, but there was nothing inside except for a paper with a phone number and an address written on it. But as it was late, he went back home. That night he couldn’t stop thinking about the briefcase. – “Who had left it there?, Should I return it?, or should I forget about it? It’s just an empty briefcase, anyway.”  Continue reading…


There once was a camping ground where many boys and girls would spend their holidays with their parents. Charles was one of the kids staying at the site. He shared a very large tent with his four siblings.

Charles was different from other boys. He didn’t like soccer, he didn’t like to play with toy cars, and he didn’t like most of the things boys of his age did. Everyone at the site would tell him he acted like a girl just because he didn’t like soccer.

Shortstories pink napkin

Charles walked around the campsite with his lucky charm, a pink napkin that he carried in his pocket. Nobody knew why he carried that napkin around. Continue reading…


There once was a lemon called Littlelemon who lived in the refrigerator of a Spanish house. This lemon was so sweet that when the family saw it they decided to save it to make a wonderful cake.


Littlelemon realized he was special, but he didn’t want to be different and so he started to cry because he just wanted to be normal, like other lemons.  “Buaaaaaaah, I just want to be a normal lemon, buaaaaaaaah,” he cried. Continue reading…