Short Story for Kids written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Once upon a time there was a wolf called Peter who lived in the forest. He was myopic, and had a big mouth with three teeth, and his favorite food were goat´s kids.

One day, he went for a walk through the forest with his son the little wolf, called Linus, and lost his glasses, so could not see anything.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

Began to look for them scared, but it was impossible to find them in the dense grass. His Son was helping him, but no signs of them either.

Suddenly, a kid of goat appeared and approached them:

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Short Story written by: Flopy Olivera (10 years old)

Once upon a time there was a very curious kid called Shane. His neighbors were very strange as they never left their house. That is why Shane went to look for his friends to find out what was going on in that house.

The door was open and he went inside stealthily so that nobody would see him. He went into the kids´room and saw stuffed animals with terrifying poses. He didn’t notice when the father of the family came into the room and said:

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

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Once upon a time, there was a little Shepherd who lived in a town near the woods. His name was Peter, and he always took of his flock.

He was often bored and alone on the field and he used to play alone and invented many games to entertain himself. One time he had an idea to have fun at the expense of his neighbours.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

One day, Peter started to shout –“Help, help! the wolf is coming!”- The alarmed neighbours ran out to help him but they just found Peter laughing at them -“Ha, ha, ha, You are so silly, I was joking!”. The neighbours were really angry and went back home. Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there were three little pigs that were going to build a house to be safe from a wolf, who was hanging around destroying houses and eating the pigs that were inside.
The three little pigs had different ideas and so each pig built a different house. Fatty was the youngest and most impatient. He wanted to finish his house soon and so he decided to build a house of straw and then he went to play with the other little pigs.

Hammy, the middle brother built a house of sticks as it wouldn’t take him much time either, and so when he had finished he could also go out to play.

Short stories - the scatterbrained fairy
Porky, the oldest brother, decided to build his house of bricks. Even if it was going to take him longer, it was going to be a very strong house and a safe place from the wolf.

One day the wolf appeared and the three little pigs ran to Fatty´s house made of straw. But the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down, so the three little pigs ran to Hammy´s house. The furious wolf followed them to the house of sticks, and huffed and puffed and blew that house down too. So they ran to Porky´s house. Continue reading…


A summary of one of the most famous short stories in the world, Little Red Riding Hood. Next, the original short story.


Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. One day, her mother said: “Little Red Riding Hood, take this basket full of cakes to your grandmother, she is ill. Don’t get distracted on the way, the forest is dangerous and there is a wolf around.

“Yes Mum!” – Said Little Red Riding hhood.

foto caperucita roja

Little Red Riding Hood walked happily to her grandmother’s house, but suddenly, a wolf appeared.

–          Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?

–          To my granny´s house, to give her these cakes.

The wolf convinced the girl to take a longer path while he took the short path, so he could arrive before her and eat her grandmother. Then he ate Little red Riding Hood.

Later, after eating them, the wolf fell asleep beside the river. Suddenly, a woodcutter saw him and took the little girl and her granny out of the wolf´s stomach and saved their lives.

Then he filled the wolf´s belly full of big stones and threw him into the river.



Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she wouldn’t give to the child. Once she gave her a little riding hood of red velvet, which suited her so well that she never wore anything else; so she was always called ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a wolf called Howler who lived in a valley where lots of fruit trees grew. Howler would often try to climb up the trees to eat the fruit they produced. But the most appetising fruit was on the very tall trees that Howler couldn’t reach.

In the valley, an elderly man named Martin also had a few fruit trees that he looked after very carefully. But as he was getting older, he began to notice that he lacked the strength to pick the fruit, for it was very tiring work.

Martin had some of the biggest and most delicious fruit trees in the valley, which was why Howler had his eye on them. So one day he decided to try and reach their fruit and started jumping up and down the trunk.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

Martin, who was looking out of the window, realised that the wolf was trying to steal fruit from his beautiful trees, but however much Howler jumped and howled, he couldn’t reach even the lowest branches of such a big tree.

Seeing this, Martin had a great idea: he offered Howler a ladder to climb up, but in return the wolf would have to give him half of whatever he picked. Only then would Martin continue lending him the ladder.

Howler accepted the deal and set to work collecting the fruit, and for one whole morning he went up and down the ladder filling his basket with the fruit they would then share between them. Continue reading…