Every day, John went out to the garden to cut the grass and water the plants.

John really liked to take care of his garden and also to clean his statues of elves and smurfs.

blue smurf

So, in order to cut the grass, he would first go to an outhouse full of wood, where he kept his tools. one day, when he turned on the light he realised that the ceramic statue of the blue smurf was not in the same place, but he didn’t take much notice and took the lawnmower and went out to his garden.

He started to cut the grass, and suddenly saw something strange, the ceramic figure of the blue smurf was outside beside the other statues. “That can’t be possible, this smurf is the one that I put in the outhouse” – thought John.

He ran to the outhouse to check, and he saw that the smurf that he had seen before wasn’t there any more. He was really surprised and thought that maybe somebody was playing a trick on him.

John wanted to discover who could be teasing him and so he had an idea. He put the statue of the blue smurf with the elves and waited.

The next morning, John ran out to the garden to check on the smurf, and again, found out that the smurf was not in the same place. Now the statue was beside the other smurf statues.

“How can this be possible? Who has changed it again?” – said John- Suddenly he heard a voice saying, “John, I just want to be with the other smurfs.” – John was scared because it wasthe blue smurf that was talking to him!

“Don´t be afraid,John, All the blue smurfs are alive, but we just move and talk when nobody is watching. I didn’t want to be in the outhouse, so I came here to be with my family. Can I stay here?” – asked the blue smurf.

John thought he was dreaming when all the smurfs started moving. They were real!

“Sorry blue smurf, I didn’t want to separate you from your family, of course you can stay in the garden.” – said John excitedly.

That is how John discovered the secret in his garden. The blue smurfs were alive and they were taking care of his garden.




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