John was a 5 year old boy who really loved christmas. It was his favourite celebration of the year and he always waited anxiously for Christmas to come.

One year he decided to study magic and learn how to time travel and so make christmas come early.

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And so that is what he did. He learnt magic and then began to use it always. Every year when Christmas celebrations were over, John used to run to his room, sit on his bed, close his eyes and focus on travelling through time. Then after a few minutes when he opened his eyes it was Christmas again! 

He did it for several years, until one day, while opening his presents, his mum asked him: “Tell us what you have done this year so we can be proud of you. What would you change for the coming year?”

John stood up and look at his mother and went very quiet. Everybody waited for his answer, but he didn’t say anything. Then he threw his presents to the ground and ran to his room.

John realised how many things he had missed. It made no sense to celebrate Christmas without there being a “rest of the year”. So he didn´t travel through time again and, from then on, he lived to enjoy every moment of his life with his family and friends.



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