“Sleep baby, sleep right now, otherwise, the boogeyman will come and eat you…”

This was the song that Peter´s mum used to sing him every night at bedtime. Poor Peter was always thinking “How can I sleep with a boogeyman around?”. But he always ended up falling asleep.

One day, when his mother left the room, Peter heard a noise inside the wardrobe, and of course he thought it was the boogeyman. Peter didn’t sleep at all that night. He called out to his parents a few times and was very scared.


Peter couldn’t sleep every time his mum sang that song. His parents finally realised how bad the song was for their kid: “We should stop singing that song, but then, what can we sing?”

And Peter, who was listening to the conversation, said: “Why don´t you tell me short stories? I want a new short story every day.

His parents were mouth-opened, “Where can we find new short stories every day?” – they wondered.

Well, on which website do you think they can find new stories every day?



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