One day, the last lizard in the world woke up late to go to class.

He went down stairs for breakfast, but there was nothing on the table and his mother wasn´t at home either. He thought his mum had gone to work and had forgotten to make him breakfast.

The last lizard in the world went directly to school very hungry, and the street seemed empty and very quiet.

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When he arrived at school, nobody was there. None of his friends or teachers and the doors were closed: “Maybe today is a day off school” – he thought – “Great! I can play today !” – and he walked back home.

On his way home he didn´t see anyone around, no cars, no noise, nothing, but he did not care because he was very happy to be off school that day. When he arrived home he was still alone. He opened the fridge and took out a big tub of ice cream and ate it on the sofa, then he played with his games console for hours and fell asleep there.

When he woke up the next morning his mum was still not at home. He was now very hungry and had no food. “What´s going on?” – he wondered – “Where is my mum? Where is everybody?”

The poor lizard decided to go out and look for his mother. He walked and walked for hours, but he could not find her nor his neighbours or friends. Everybody had disappeared.

At that moment the last lizard in the world began to think about others. He realised how much he needed them, his mum, his friends, his teachers. He felt very sad and lonely.

“What am I here for?” – he wondered.

The next morning the last lizard in the world woke up and heard noise coming from the kitchen.  He ran to see what was going on, and there was his mother preparing his breakfast. He hugged her and she asked:

-“Are you ok?”

-“I´m really happy ‘m not the last lizard in the world” – said the lizard.



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