There was a zoo where all the animals were nice and frendly with each other except for the giraffe, who had no friends because she was always stealing their food.

Her neck was so long that she could stretch it to reach any animal’s area and take their food.


The animals would wake up every morning with no food, but the giraffe could barely fit in her plot due to the amount of food she had eaten.

Tired of this problem, the rest of the animals made a decision. They put a sign on her door saying: “Robber giraffe”.

The next day, when the zoo opened its doors, everybody laughed at the giraffe. Children asked the lion in the plot beside why she was called a robber giraffe and the lion said: “Because she steals our food every night. She is not good.

After a few months, nobody visited the giraffe because they knew that she was a robber and didn´t deserve a visit, so the zoo administration decided to take her to another zoo. In this way the other animals would be happy.

The giraffe made the best of it and started her new life in a new zoo being very nice with the other animals and never stole food again.




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