The sun circus is a magical place where every child and every adult travels into a world of imagination and illusion.

When the show begins and everything goes dark, you just don’t know what will happen, but in the next instant the stage will light up and the big top is filled with dazzling coloured lights.


Watch this children’s story and connect English subtitles:

At the circus there’s a clown called Clarence and it’s his job to make the audience laugh. But one day, just as the show was about to begin, Clarence felt sad and didn’t much feel like going out on stage…

Passing at that moment outside his dressing room, his friend the acrobat stopped to talk to him: “Hi Clarence! Ready to get out on stage?” he called.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

That was when the acrobat realised something was wrong with Clarence the clown, for although his face had a big smile painted on it and he was wearing a jolly red nose, his eyes were sad… “What’s up, my friend?” asked the acrobat.

Clarence the clown answered: “Well…I’m sad because I’ve lost my lucky flower and I can’t go on stage without it…” “But Clarence, my friend, it’s just a flower. The only hero here is you. Who else will get all those children laughing till the tears run down their cheeks? The flower? Definitely not! The children are waiting for you; they want to see you be silly, and to keep falling over!!

Without another word, the acrobat left Clarence’s dressing room, leaving him very surprised at the acrobat’s mysterious exit.

It was now a few minutes before Clarence’s performance, and the children had already begun shouting for the clowns. At that very moment, Clarence’s dressing room door burst open and the acrobat appeared, holding a flower in his hand: “Clarence”, he said, “this flower will bring you luck. I picked it from the field outside the circus just for you. I know it’s not your flower, but I know it will bring you all the strength you need… It’s magic, you know…

Thank you so much“, said Clarence to the acrobat, “I’m glad that you’re my friend”.

Then Clarence the clown realised that he didn’t need to rely on a lucky charm – he only needed to trust in himself. He also realised that good friends like the acrobat make life easier when we see it as difficult.

And now it’s on with the show!!! Bring on the clowns!!