Short Story for Children written by: Mariana Vanessa Saldaña Armas (9 years old) (Peru).

There was a family that moved to a city called Gruseville which had a secret myth of terror that they didn´t know about.

The legend says that, if a girl goes alone into the forest on halloween night and sees her reflection in the town´s lake, a devil will appear and steal her soul, because this is how he got his nourishment.

short story halloween devil

One day, Linda, the eldest daughter in the family went for a walk to the lake alone because she did not want anything bad to happen to her family.


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Our friends from Spain ( are in third place in the classification for the best educational blog 2014. (“Bitacoras classification”)

They also publish new Short Stories for kids every day, but in spanish instead of english. The classification is still open, so you can still vote them!

Your vote would really help our friends to be in first place as they deserve, publishing new Stories for children every day, making sure the stories teach important moral values to children, making them enjoy, laugh and have fun too.


We are conscious that most of you won’t understand the stories written in Spanish, but we have them written in english too, just clicking at the end of the story.


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Short Story for Kids, written by: Fernando Mansilla

The old clown would do his performance at the same time every day, in a park full of pine trees. He always wore the same threadbare costume, faded because of the passing years. Although the colors would have been wonderful in his time.

When Mark and his friends saw him coming, they went with him shouting, jumping and waving their hands full of happiness, walking with him until they came to a small square with the fountain in the middle and the four elms at the corners.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

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The 2nd of April is a special day for us. It is “International Children´s Book Day”. On this date, one of the most important fairy tale writers of all times was born. The Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen, author of famous tales like: The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor´s New Clothes and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Short Stories´ writers create beautiful stories and tales from their own imagination. Stories that reach out to people making them enjoy and feel the stories. There is no story without a writer and no writer without a reader.


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Dear children, parents, teachers and lovers of short stories. We are back! After taking some time to work on our website to make it better, we are ready to share new adventures with all of you and to travel to a fantasy world together.

For those of you that are visiting “Short Stories” for the first time, welcome to our website! Here you will discover new experiences thanks to short stories, that are not just made for reading to children before going to sleep, this experience goes further. Short stories are key to connecting with your child. The art of storytelling is a wonderful experience, that once you are absorbed by the story, can take you back to your childhood.

Short stories - The enchanted hotel

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