There was once a monkey called Monty who lived on an island that was largely inhabited by other monkeys. The most important scientists on the planet had figured out that climate change would affect this island very badly, almost sinking it completely.

So each of the monkeys decided to build a house on the highest part of the island to protect themselves from the floods on the day the disaster would come. Monty had designed his house to withstand a very big flood, and this required very big rocks.

All the monkeys built their houses in just one day, and then spent the rest of their time playing cards and enjoying their new homes. They all laughed at Monty, because while they had already built their houses, Monty had only drawn some plans. But Monty was convinced that his house could survive any flood and although it might take a long time to build, it was worth the wait.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

So Monty moved only one big stone a day, which meant that his house took shape very slowly and the other monkeys continued to laugh at him. But Monty didn’t care, and went on building his house stone by stone.

After a few months, when the other monkeys had got tired of playing cards, Monty finished his house and very proudly threw a big party to which he invited all the monkeys on the island.

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  1. Bimpong Kwame Maxwell

    Absolutely incredibly. This teaches us to think beyond our problems and find solutions that will benefit all. Nice story.

  2. Natasha Wong

    Being kind and sharing are the greatest gift of all…

    • achhu

      pls can u tell me a story if u find ?

      • Short Stories

        Hi! send us your stories!

  3. ???

    Not a realistic ending. What would be better would be:

    And then, after months with out food or water in Monty’s stone fortress. The monkeys began to draw straws, and resorted to cannibalism.

    That’s more realistic

  4. anielory harder

    very nice story for the kids..

    it gives values and

    positive thinking for the future ..

  5. Taroob

    in today’s generation no one cares for each other but after reading this story many people can change their mind and help ,share things and care for each other

  6. shane

    who was the authot of the story?

  7. shane

    who was the author of the story

    • Short Stories

      Hi Shane, if the story is not signed by any name in particular is because is written by

  8. achhu

    i wat to know a story about a preservence is the to succes

    • Short Stories

      Hi Achhu! You can Select all our categories you need on the right side :)

  9. Pratiksha

    If all will think like Monty then one day this world would be in peace

    • shortstories

      Dear Pratiksha, thanks for your comment! People should be like Monty!

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