There was once a wicked man who wanted to kill all the good in the world, so he went around looking for all the fairies on the planet to lock them in a room from which they would never be able to escape. That way, good things would never exist again, and there would be only wickedness and darkness.

Randor, for that was the wicked man’s name, had managed to kidnap two fairies, Maria and Victoria, who were now imprisoned in that cold room where the sun’s rays never entered, for there were no windows and hardly any light came through the door.

Every day, the wicked Randor would go searching for the other fairies in the world. But the fairies knew that he was trying to kidnap them and kill all the good in the world, so they cast spells to become invisible and that way he wouldn’t find them.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

Christie was a young fairy in charge of looking after the animals on the planet. Thanks to her magic potions, she created the necessary balance for them to survive any misfortunes. But unfortunately the young fairy didn’t know that the wicked Randor was pursuing all the fairies in the world, for she was a little scatterbrained.

So when Christie went into the forest to check on the animals and share her magic potions among them, Randor found her. He crept silently up to where she was, then leapt out at her and stuffed her into a sack to take back to the dark room from which she would never come out again.

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  1. dia

    the story was of no good it is not a nice one

  2. Sanyam - from India

    Wonderful story………I liked it!!!! …….. It gives us an idea that we should be generous and honest. I enjoyed it a lot!!

  3. MaryJoy :")

    Good Story :””””””>
    Lykkk itttt :’) <3

    • fareeha jameel

      this story was very interesting i like the story veryyyyyyyyyyyyy much

  4. Ana

    my daugher loved the story. She says it is a fantastic story and her favorite part is when Milly made the potion to help all the fairies escape.

  5. Regine

    i like the story, it gives lesson to us,for not being so wicked ..


    Wondreful and happy ending story. But the milly fairy should kill randor. Otherwise it was good.

  7. Immanual Victor

    NICE STORY…………!

  8. Princess Dolor

    nice story ,,. !! LOve IT !! <3 .. ^____________^ v

  9. dd

    i like all story and i like this story also

    • Short Stories

      THank you!!! we like you being there!


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