Short Story for Kids written by: Catalina.

Once upon a time, there were two friends called Vela and Lily, who were always together until one day, due to a study commission in class, Vela was sent to sit beside another girl who was called Poppy.

They soon laughed together, and when Lily went to Vela´s house she was with Poppy, laughing and playing. Poppy didn´t even noticed when Lily arrived. So Lily went home really sad, looked at the picture of them playing in the park, then went to bed and didn´t want anything.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

Vela called her and said:

– “Hi Lily, can I go to your house? Poppy just left and I want to see you. My mum told me you were at home”.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Karen Stefany Gonzalez Orellana.

One upon a time there was a girl called Caroline. Her and her mother had to move to another country due to family trouble.

They arrived to the Caribbean where had a very nice welcome. The girl had to go to school, so her mom enrolled her in Saint Mary´s School.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

The girl went to school next morning, but Caroline did not speak to anybody, all her class mates were playing except her. The girl asked them to play, but ignored her.


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Short Story written by: Zoila Mariano Faillace

There were three friends who really liked spend time together, but one of them was black, and wanted to be white. One of his friends investigated how to turn his friend into a white kid, and found out that there was faraway town where the sea could change the skin color of those swimming in it.


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Short Story written by: Viviana Martinez (Colombia)

Hi mum, I am going to tell you something that happened to me today at nursery school. Imagine for a minute that I was the new girl at school and everybody saw me differently but that I was in the middle of everything; Do you know what, mummy?, I met a skinny girl, with long, black hair like Rapunzel´s, but also curly. She has chocolate coloured skin and a heart full of love and happiness, and she hugged me with her soft arms.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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Gossy was a giraffe living in Africa. She was a busybody, always looking above the trees to see what others were doing.

One day she saw a lion kissing a zebra. It was shocking as nothing like this had ever been seen before.

She ran to tell her friends: “You will never believe what I have just seen, a lion kissing a zebra! They might be a couple!”


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In the fairy kingdom lived a young girl called Claire who was known as the ugly fairy. She was 17 years old and had been hiding at home all her life because she was ashamed of how she looked.

The ugly fairy only left her house once a month to go to the fairy ceremony, where old fairies shared their knowledge and experience with the rest of the fairies.


Claire always wore a mask, when she went out to rescue a child on a mission otherwise the child would always ended up saying: “Go away, you ugly fairy!”, and the poor fairy always felt very sad when this happened. Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Gustav, who liked to go on the internet a few times per week to see what his friends were up to on the social networks.

One day, while Gustav was surfing the net, by chance, a little boy from China started chatting with him. Gustav was surprised to see that the boy’s facial features were very different from Gustav’s and he couldn’t understand what this boy was writing.

Short stories - Stories for little girls and boys

Although Gustav didn’t understand the boy, he wanted to write to him.  But Gustav wanted to make sure it was ok first, so he went to ask his parents for permission.  Gustav’s parents told him it was ok to write to the Chinese boy, and they decided to sit by their son, so they too could meet this boy. Continue reading…


There was once a donkey whose name was Bruno. He lived with his master, an elderly man called Alfred. Every day, Bruno and his owner would go to the fields to work the earth. They looked after it so well that no weeds grew, and they ploughed and sowed the seeds.

Bruno’s job was very important, for he was responsible for the hardest tasks and that helped Alfred not to get so tired.

Like every day, today Bruno and Alfred were in the fields. While his owner snoozed under a tree, Bruno took the opportunity to eat something. Suddenly, something began moving beneath the earth where Bruno was eating… and up came a mole!!

Short stories - the intelligent donkey

“What are you doing eating my soil? Silly donkey… Can’t you see this is private property!?! Go on! Get out of here!!” scolded the mole.

Bruno answered: “I’m sorry, Mr. Mole, but this soil belongs to my owner and I can eat anything I want. By the way, I’m not going to go away, and what’s more I can see you’ve tried to trick me…”

The mole was surprised to see he hadn’t managed to deceive the donkey; Bruno seemed to be more intelligent than other donkeys he knew…

“Don’t be angry, donkey, I didn’t mean to trick you! I didn’t know this land belonged to your owner…” answered the mole.

Bruno replied: “Let me tell you one thing, Mr. Mole. It’s not right to take advantage of others. You thought that all donkeys are silly, but you shouldn’t be prejudiced.”

And so the mole went back inside his molehill, blushing and reflecting on what had happened. Our dear friend Bruno the donkey had taught the mole a very valuable lesson: there’s no need to trick anyone, for you will achieve much more if you are a good and honest person.



If ever there was an intrepid and adventurous little girl, it was certainly eight-year-old Lola. Lola lived with her parents and grandfather in a house in a small village, surrounded by mountains, a river and lots and lots of trees.

Every day after school once Lola had done her homework, she would eat a snack and think up a new adventure. Today, Lola put on her explorer glasses and picked up her backpack, where she kept a compass, a bottle of water, a lamp and a GPS that her parents had given her for her birthday.

Mum, I’m going into the garden for a bit“, said Lola. “Ok, Lola, but be careful and come back in before it gets dark” replied her mother.

Childrens stories - The adventures of Lola

Lola ran out into the garden, which was as big as a football pitch, and her grandfather, who was sitting on the veranda, said: “What’s today’s adventure? If you need a companion on your travels, just let me know“.

“Oooh, yes please, Granddad,” said Lola. “Come with me – I need you to help me complete a really, really important mission!!!”

So Lola and her grandfather went to a part of the garden where Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a rabbit that lived on an island full of bamboo canes. He was called Robbie, and every day he would run from his warren at one end of the island to where all the grass grew on the other, dodging the bamboo canes as he went.

One day, Robbie thought: “Why can’t I just go and eat the grass without having to hop round all those bamboo canes?” An idea came to him, and he set to work ripping away the bamboo stalks to create a path straight to his food.

Just as he was pulling out the second bamboo cane, he heard a little voice crying out: “Little rabbit Robbie! Don’t rip out more bamboo, for if you do all of us who live on this island will vanish!!

Childrens stories - the rabbit and bamboo island

Robbie was surprised to hear the voice, and quickly realised that it came from a bamboo cane. He answered: “I’m sorry, Mrs Bamboo Cane, but I’m making a road to get to my food quicker.

But the bamboo cane kept talking to Robbie and told him: “I understand your reasons for pulling us up, but the whole island is in danger if you do!!Continue reading…