Momo was a little kid living in Africa with all his family. He had listened to his wise grandfather´s songs and rituals since he was small.

His grandfather was the witch doctor in the village, or that´s how he was known there.  Legend says that when he was in the mountains singing his rainy song to the gods, all Africa was covered by rain for several hours. Momo knew that there was a drought and how important it was to distribute water, so his grandfather was his hero.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

One day, Momo was out walking alone through the desert when he saw a lizard camouflaged in the sand in order to protect itself from being eaten by other animals:

“What´s wrong? are you all right?” – asked Momo.

“I´m very tired and thirsty. I haven´t drunk water for four days.”

Momo took the lizard to a little puddle and went to tell the situation to his grandfather.

They both went up the mountain and sang to the gods. Suddenly it began to rain all over the continent and all the animals were saved.



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