Lawrence was a little boy of 8 years old who loved playing with his toys. On the whole he was a good boy and always got very good marks at school. That’s why one Christmas Santa Claus had arrived loaded with toys for Lawrence, for Lawrence had written to tell Santa that his school results were better than last year’s and that was why he wanted more toys.

Among the presents Santa gave Lawrence was a magic blackboard where you could write or draw anything you liked, but which erased everything when you shook it. Without a doubt, it was the Christmas present he liked most of all, for he spent hours and hours playing with it.

After the holiday was over, Lawrence decided to take the magic blackboard to school to show his classmates. But Liam, the naughtiest boy in the class, ran off with Lawrence’s board and teased him all through break.

Short stories - Lawrences-toy

“Liam, give me my board back!” shouted Lawrence. But Liam was taller than Lawrence and held it above his head so that Lawrence couldn’t reach it.

“Go on Lawrence, jump!” teased Liam.

Don’t erase my pictures!” Lawrence kept shouting.

But after no success, Lawrence decided to go and fetch a teacher to tell them what was happening. So he marched over to his class teacher and said: “Sir, sir! Liam has taken my toy away and won’t give it back!” The teacher went to find Liam to tell him to return the magic board.

Liam, give Lawrence’s toy back now,” ordered the teacher firmly and sternly.

And so it was that Lawrence got his beloved toy back, the magic board from Santa Claus. And Liam was put in detention for a week and given lots of homework for having been naughty.

That was how Liam learned that not being nice towards his classmates had only caused problems to himself, and from then on he never tormented anyone again.