There was once a goblin called Godfrey who lived on a plot of land outside a very small village. There was a house on the plot, in which a family lived: a mother, father, son, daughter and a cat called Meow.

Godfrey the goblin usually lived among the bushes in the garden, but sometimes he would go into the garage for a while. The family had no idea that they were sharing their home with a goblin.

One day, Godfrey went to the garage for a change of scene, like he often did, but this time he suddenly bumped into the cat Meow.


Meow went very quiet when she spotted the little green goblin, and Godfrey did the same. They stared at each other until they heard the voice of one of the children coming down to the garage. Then Godfrey ran off at full speed, and not even Meow knew where he had gone. Meow started to look for him, sniffing the ground to follow his tracks, but she didn’t know that goblins don’t leave any scent behind and that’s why you can’t find them.

Godfrey was very shy and only let animals see him, never people, which was why he always ran away when a human approached. But Godfrey had a little secret: he knew how to talk to cats. So he decided to go back and look for Meow so they could become friends.

And that was exactly what happened…

he found Meow in the garage again licking her paw and began to chat to her. Initially, Meow was a little surprised to see the green goblin talk, but she soon got used to it and they chatted together for a good long while.

On one occasion, Meow asked him: “So what do you do here?” Godfrey told him that he was the goblin in charge of looking after nature and that his main mission was to make sure the family who lived in the house looked after nature too, that they respected the environment and used renewable energy in their home.

Godfrey also said that in every family in the world there is a goblin keeping an eye on whether they are looking after the world in which we all live. People may not know it, but there’s a little green goblin in each of them, making them think about looking after the planet. Sometimes, the problem is that the little goblin doesn’t manage to achieve his mission and people abuse our planet.

And that’s why Godfrey was a green goblinbecause he looked after nature.