Short Story for boys and girls written by: J.Eduardo Lopez.M (Mexicali)

In one kingdom on our planet living in peace and harmony were Snow White and the seven dwarves.

One day, some ruffians appeared and kidnapped Snow White, leaving a note that said:

snow white tale

“Give us 100 million dollars If you want to see Snow White again. Signed: The Evil Witch”

When the seven dwarves arrived home they were very concerned, not just because Snow White had been kidnapped but also because nobody would cook for them, or clean the house while they were working.

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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Camila

Once upon a time…

There were a couple of dogs that had a little puppy called Aurora. She was very cute, playful and lovely. She loved sharing everything with her friends.

One day, Aurora told her parents she was going out to look for food. Another dog, bad and grumpy, was waiting for her outside. She was called Tita, and was in front of her house.


When Aurora arrived back home with the food, Tita ordered Aurora to give her the food. Aurora said no and went running inside her home. Finally, the owner came to shoo Tita away, but Tita was still angry.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Nobody wanted to be King of the Vegetable kingdom as it was such a difficult responsibility.

The kingdom was full of all kinds ofv colors, green spinach, orange carrots, red tomatoes, white onions, yellow peppers, and florets of cauliflower and broccoli everywhere. It was an amazing place full of health and strength.


Messages were sent out around the kingdom for them to choose a King. But nobody wanted to assume the charge. They all preferred other kingdoms like The kingdom of Sweets, The Crab kingdom, or even The Cold Meat kingdom, but nobody wanted The Vegetable kingdom.


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Short stories for kids written by: team

Once upon a time…

There was a golf club called Golfy, who played golf every day on a golf links made precisely to practice this sport on the outskirt of the city.

The golf club was a marvellous golf player. He always won competitions and golf tournaments.

Christmas tree short stories

Well…actually, not always…because one day, a new tree appeared on the golf links, called Little Tree, and this tree really liked golf balls, and used to keep them by hanging them from his own branches at Christmas.


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Short Story for kids written by: Delsy Janet Quispe Goto.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sussi. She was living with her mum and dad and her sister Andrea.

Sussi was a beautiful girl, nice and lovely who was always helping and she loved her family so much.

Childrens stories - Thomas and the flying sneakers

One day, her parents gave her a nice pair of blue shoes for her birthday. And her sister Andrea gave her a nice colorful ball.


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Short Story for boys and girls. 

Long, long time ago, a boy called Franz was living in a city called Adventurevil. Franz loved many people, his grandparents, his parents and his friends, who were living in the house beside his, were called James and Sarah.

Franz liked playing video games with the guys, because Sarah liked playing with her dolls.

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

They used to meet up every night to talk about Franz´s dreams. He said that his last dream was about pretty mermaids and beautiful fairies granting all kind of wishes.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Ulica Tizaber.

Pooky was a boy from Alaska, he lived inside an igloo with his eskimo family. They barely went out of there due to the weather conditions of his country, but they received many visits from foreigner kids.

There was lot of tourism in Alaska, as there were many visitors, Pooky had lo learn several languages.

eskimo short stories kid winter children

The first language and dialect he spoke was Yupik, from the north of Alaska. That language was the one he used to speak with his family at home, especially with his grandparents.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Naomy Liseth Cerritos Palma.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl that worked so hard, because her two stepsisters and her stepmother ordered her many chores.

The royal ball was going to be soon, there, the prince was going to choose a princess from kingdom, to marry.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

The day of the ball, Naomy really wanted to go, but she couldn’t because her stepmother asked her to clean everything, wash the clothes, feed the animals and other tasks.


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Short Stories for kids written by: Franca Gordillo.

This story begins in a little town in the south of Italy, where the only way of life was to cultivate the small land inherited generation after generation.

This one tells the story of a peasants family, formed by Anthony and Natalie, who were parents of Joan, Peter, Mary, Rose and Mimi.


It wasn´t easy lo live there, because the second World War had finished not much time ago. But they all worked hard without exception, to work and dominate the land; composed more of stones that of productive land, what made the work even harder.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Valentina Trimboli.

One day, Martin bought a fish, a beautiful gold colored fish. His name was Billy.

Then bought the fish bowl, it was his temporal home, the fish was going to be released to the sea sometime.

fish bowl short stories

Unconsciously, Martin raised his fish with fear, fear to the outer life, fear to swim free to explore everything from the outer life.


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