Lily was a beautiful hare who loved to play with her friends, their favorite game was “races, run, run” (that´s how they called the game).

One day she found a firework with a long wick and had an idea.

Childrens stories - the rabbit and bamboo island

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It was a cloudy day when Claudia decided to change her way to school passing in front of the enchanted house, known by everybody in town.

Her grandmother had told her scary stories about that house when she was younger, always warning her not to approach the house ever. But Claudia was very curious and couldn´t avoid the temptation of walking near the house and look at it.


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Very Short Story written by: Sergio (10 years old)

There were two best friends called Charlotte and Katie. Charlotte liked classic music, and Katie modern music.

They were always together, until one day Charlotte was listening classic music when Katie arrived saying that modern music was much better.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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