Short Story written by Yeimy Tatiana Cortes Parra.

Once upon a time there was a panda bear who was very sad because had no friends to play.

That same day, he met a girl panda bear who was also looking for friends to play, and they became very good friends.

Some days later, the bear went to her house to look for her, and went happy to the park. Once at the park, another bear with no friends approached them and said:


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Short Story written by: Cristina Velazquez

Once upon a time, there were a monkey and a tiger; that tired of doing always the same, went out searching for a place to live . They walked a lot before finding it, it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen. Different mountains, different heights, high, small, with a beautiful green colour of the trees and plants living on the mountains.

They stopped there and the monkey made a hole with his hands and a cave for both of them. Days passed, and they were happy there, looking for food, playing with other animals.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

George the farmer, used to visit his friend Ross after working with his tractor, Ross was a pink pony, had violet and pink hair and had a lovely pink heart marked at his backside.

Ross the pony was his best friend; because is the pony of love. One day, something incredible happened to the pony. A pair of wings appeared on his back.


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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola.

Once upon a time there was a very lazy and grumpy ship that really wished to have wheels. He was every afternoon at the coast watching the bicycles riding around the city.

One summer morning, on waking up; decided that after realizing his labor of fisher of the seas; after being dropped anchor at the dock, would think about his dream of being a rolling “bike- ship”.

Short stories - the pirates and the lost treasure

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Short Story written by: “The ecologist”.

The girl´s walk was being awesome, she was enjoying nature, contemplating the landscape, the forest, appreciating nature and environmentalism, she felt like being in a magic place without any negative feeling.

Two more drops touched her face, friendship and respect, realized that she could also learn those values at school, she could learn the value of respect by respecting the teachers and schoolmates, meeting her obligations at school like doing homework and supporting her classmates.


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It was a cloudy day when Claudia decided to change her way to school passing in front of the enchanted house, known by everybody in town.

Her grandmother had told her scary stories about that house when she was younger, always warning her not to approach the house ever. But Claudia was very curious and couldn´t avoid the temptation of walking near the house and look at it.


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