There was a girl called Beatrice responsible for tasting every cheese that came from other countries.

Every year the cheese representatives from every parts of the world were in the main square of her town waiting for her verdict.

They all wanted Beatrice to taste their cheeses because, she had special powers due to her ability to smell and taste quality.


One year, there was a new cheese stand in the middle of the square, the smell coming from there was different from the others and the girl went to see it.

The stand had only one kind of cheese which nobody had tasted because of the strong smell. When Beatrice approached the cheese seller cut a piece of cheese to her.

When she was about to try it, a man from the stand beside shouted:

“Don´t eat it! It´s not a normal cheese! Look at the colour and the smell, it stinks!”

Beatrice was shocked and didn´t know what to do, until the man selling that strange cheese spoke:

“This is the best cheese I have ever produced. It is very special, I´m sure it will be the best cheese you have ever eaten”.

Beatrice decided to taste it, and when she bit into it her expression changed completely. It was the best cheese she had ever tried. It’s bad smell had nothing to do with how it tasted.

So she named it the best cheese ever and everybody learnt how important was to give an opportunity to everybody.




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