Short Story for boys and girls written by: Lorena Ochoa.

In a faraway city, four beautiful girls lived with their Mum and their Dad. The girls loved Christmas, especially the presents they were given.

One day, the girls asked their father:

– “Does Santa put magic powder taken from fairies over his reindeers so they can fly?”


And their Dad replied: “No. That’s not true”.

Their Mum reprimanded their father for the answer he gave the girls:


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Daleinis Moran.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl called Sophie who really believed in Santa Claus, but the other kids didn´t, and were always telling her not to believe because he was not real. They were always trying to discourage her so that she would stop believing in him.


That year, on the 24th of December Santa Claus arrived. Even those who didn´t believe in him, saw him and he gave them what they wanted for Christmas.


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Short Story for Kids, written by: Fernando Mansilla

The old clown would do his performance at the same time every day, in a park full of pine trees. He always wore the same threadbare costume, faded because of the passing years. Although the colors would have been wonderful in his time.

When Mark and his friends saw him coming, they went with him shouting, jumping and waving their hands full of happiness, walking with him until they came to a small square with the fountain in the middle and the four elms at the corners.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

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This story tells the legend of the three blue beetles who walked with the Three Wise Kings every Christmas to help them deliver their gifts to all the girls and boys.

The three blue beetles have a very special power. They can make the three camels walk faster so as to deliver all the gifts on time.


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Once upon a time there was a bad pirate who used to attack the boats he saw.

He was called Ulysses and his boat was the biggest and fastest boat ever known.

It was so fast that on Christmas day Santa´s sled flew across and the reindeers could not avoid the sails.

Ulysses the pirate was shocked and asked Santa Claus: “What are you doing here instead of giving presents to children?”


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Once upon a time there was a library full of Christmas books. The library was situated in the centre of town, this way more children could stop by and read the wonderful books.

One day, Jamie decided to go to the library to read some Christmas stories, but when he got there the place was empty!  He couldn’t believe it, “All the Christmas books have been stolen!” he cried.

short stores christmas books

Although Jamie was only 5 years old, he loved to solve mysteries like this one.  He was determined to find out what had happened to the missing library books.

Jamie decided to look for clues to solve the mystery. Who could have stolen all the Christmas books?  He spotted an important clue that even the police hadn’t seen: He saw a lock of hair, and he realised right away that the hair belonged to one of Santa’s reindeer. Continue reading…


Bobble was a little reindeer for Father Christmas, but he had only just turned 3 months old so he still didn’t have any antlers. Bobble was the only one of Santa’s reindeer that couldn’t fly, for if you didn’t already know, the reason why Father Christmas’ reindeer can fly is because their antlers are magic.

Little Bobble was always dreaming that his antlers had grown and that Santa Claus had picked him to pull the sleigh and take the toys to all the children’s houses. But then he would wake up and realise that it was all a dream and that his antlers still hadn’t appeared.

One morning when Bobble woke up from his dream, Father Christmas was sitting beside him: “Santa” cried Bobble, “I had the same dream again. I dreamed my antlers had grown and that I could go with you to deliver the presents, but they still haven’t grown…”

Short stories - santa claus sleepy reindeer

Father Christmas replied: “Don’t worry, Bobble. You’ll see that your dream will soon become reality. You just have to be patient a little longer.”

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