A long time ago, in a faraway kingdom there was a huge castle in which lived a young princess called Elisabeth.

Elisabeth had just turned 18 years old and every year when she blew out the candles on the birthday cake, she made the same wish.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

Do you know what was the princess’s wish? Nobody in kingdom did, but faraway lived an evil witch who knew the young princess’s wish. Continue reading…


Written by: Sayuri Daniela

Once upon a time, there was a really pretty princess named Karla. She had red hair and liked to dance with her red shoes and dress. She was really happy because it was going to be her birthday the following day and it would be a really funny and special day for her.

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For her birthday, her mother wanted to give her a new red dress, but there were no red dresses left in the shop, and Karla started to cry. Continue reading…


Allegra was born in May in Cuernavaca, a city full of brightly coloured flowers.  The weather in Cuernavaca was so pleasant, the grass so green and shiny, and the flowers so colourful that the city was known as the City of Never-Ending Spring.

As Allegra grew, she became friends with Nico and Frida, a little boy and girl from her nursery.  Allegra enjoyed playing with her friends and she also she felt safe playing with them in the big classroom.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One morning, when Allegra arrived at school, she noticed that her friends were not there.  She was very sad.  She started to think that she would never find friends that loved her as much as Nico and Frida, and that made her scared.

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There was once a very, very big mountain where there were lots of trees and bushes. It was also the home of a group of humans that lived in caves dug out of the mountain rock. In fact, there were two families there. One lived in a grey-coloured cave, the other in a greenish cave (which was due to the type of rock). Naturally, they were known as the Greys and the Greens.

The Greys had a father, a mother and a fourteen-year-old son called Peter, while the Greens had a father, a mother, a four-year-old boy and a wise old grandfather.

The two families sometimes ate together, when they would talk about the mountain trees and how to fell them to obtain the wood with which to make fire and heat. One time, Peter felt he was ready to join the conversation. The wise grandfather listened intently to the young man, because Peter believed that the trees were there to be felled, and that it didn’t matter if they were replanted or not because they took so long to grow back.

Short stories - The wise and patient caveman

Once Peter had given his opinion, the wise grandfather told him this: “Nature is patient, and we humans must be patient too,” and he proposed a challenge: “I’m going to shave all my hair off, and we shall see what nature does to maintain the balance on my head. Come and see me in a month.”

Young Peter couldn’t understand what on earth the grandfather meant by this, and went home none the wiser. Continue reading…


Bobble was a little reindeer for Father Christmas, but he had only just turned 3 months old so he still didn’t have any antlers. Bobble was the only one of Santa’s reindeer that couldn’t fly, for if you didn’t already know, the reason why Father Christmas’ reindeer can fly is because their antlers are magic.

Little Bobble was always dreaming that his antlers had grown and that Santa Claus had picked him to pull the sleigh and take the toys to all the children’s houses. But then he would wake up and realise that it was all a dream and that his antlers still hadn’t appeared.

One morning when Bobble woke up from his dream, Father Christmas was sitting beside him: “Santa” cried Bobble, “I had the same dream again. I dreamed my antlers had grown and that I could go with you to deliver the presents, but they still haven’t grown…”

Short stories - santa claus sleepy reindeer

Father Christmas replied: “Don’t worry, Bobble. You’ll see that your dream will soon become reality. You just have to be patient a little longer.”

That same night when Bobble was asleepSanta Claus crept up to his bed and Continue reading…


A long time ago in a peaceful land far, far away, there once lived a dragon called Rufus.

Rufus was the only dragon to exist in those days. He was the only descendent of the last dragons on the planet, and the royal family considered him to be the guardian of the kingdom.


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Rufus was about to turn one year old, and the king and queen were going to organise a birthday party for him. On the morning of his birthday, Rufus came down for breakfast from his tower as he did every day. But today something was wrong – there was no breakfast waiting for him!

Annoyed, he went to the palace living room and flung open the doors. Thinking no one was there, he burst into tears, opened his mouth and filled the room with flames.

Short stories - the dragons birthday

To his surprise, he opened his eyes to see the whole room full of people wanting to celebrate his birthday. Luckily, Rufus didn’t set anyone on fire, and the only things that got burnt were the candles on the cake. Continue reading…


There was once an elephant called Jamie who was bigger than any elephant that had ever existed before. He went to see a squirrel called Sally to ask her a favour.

Sally had been a maths teacher for many years. So Jamie went to see her at school, for he thought that she would be there, like every day.

But Jamie the elephant was surprised to find that Sally wasn’t at school that day, for she had gone to teach a little girl whose leg was in plaster and had to stay at home. This annoyed Jamie the elephant quite considerably, because he couldn’t ask the teacher for help right then and there. Instead, he would have to work really hard by himself to solve a maths problem they had given him at the university.

Children´s stories - Elephant tales

The next week, Sally went to visit Jamie, to see what he had wanted the day she wasn’t at school.

Hello Jamie, how are you? I hear you came to see me at school the other day. Was there something you wanted?

Oh, no, well, it was about a sum I couldn’t do… but it’s too late now.”

I’m so sorry, Jamie, I would have loved to help you. Will you forgive me?

“Weeeeeell, I’m actually very angry…” Continue reading…