Once upon a time, there was a season called summer who loved the sun. He loved it so much that he spent all day talking to it. The sun was his best friend, and summer was the nicest companion the sun could wish for, too.

All day long the sun was bored, for all it had to do was shine upon the Earth’s surface and not much else. So he was happy when summer came to talk to him, and passed the time pleasantly.

One summer’s day on the beach, when all the swimmers were enjoying a beautiful cloudless day and the sun was casting its rays on the sandsummer started chatting to him without stopping (as was usual!).

Short stories - Chatty summer

Seeing that the sun was very distracted by summer, a cloud sneaked up and hid behind the sun – and the sky began to darken. The people on the beach looked up and began to leave, gathering up their beach umbrellas and towels. There didn’t seem to be any sun, you see, and that’s why the people went home.

By the time the sun finally realised, everyone had left the beach. He was very sad, and thought that he had done a bad job. Summer quickly realised what had happened and apologised, telling the sun: “Oh, sun, I’ll never distract you while you’re working ever again. I know talking so much isn’t a good thing, so from now on I won’t be such a chatterbox. Your work is very important and you do it very well. It was all my fault!”

But the sun understood and forgave him, and summer never again distracted the sun when he was working.