Once upon a time there was a little ant called Anita. She was very hard-working and lived in an anthill with the rest of her family – about 50,000 relatives.

The ants were busy storing the grain for the winter so that when the cold weather came there would be enough food for everyone.


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But this year, the grain was very small and difficult to transport. It was a gloomy situation and even the wisest old ants weren’t sure they could survive the winter.

But Anita wanted to store as much grain as possible to help her family, and she knew that by showing an optimistic attitude around the rest of the ants, they could do it. So off she went to train with an ant who was much stronger than her, an ant called Alexander.

Childrens stories - the ant and the grain

Alexander taught her a few tricks on how to carry more grain with the same amount of effort. Anita trained for a few days and as the days went past, she was able to carry more and more.

When Anita was finally ready, she called the rest of the ants together and told them: “I know you think we won’t survive the winter. But I have a solution: firstly, you have to believe we can do it, and secondly, I’ll teach you what you need to do to carry more grain.”

And so the whole anthill set to work like Anita said, with optimism and a hopeful heart, and before the winter arrived they had already gathered more grain than the year before. And so it was that, thanks to Anita, all the ants survived the winter without any problem.