Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz

Once upon a time, there was a pigs family composed of mom, and three siblings.

The mom was always playing with two of her kids, feeding them, taking care of them… she loved them so much. But she did not take care that much of his third kid, called Toto. She was always scolding and growling him, day after day.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

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Short Story written by: Morena (4 years old) and Abii (13 years old)

Once upon a time, there was a very naughty monkey who one day decided to travel to the tropical forest, really far away from his house. He took ten bananas before leaving, and began his trip towards that forest.

Walked, walked and walked until was so exhausted to go on that decided to rest on a very hight tree. Continued his long trip after recovering the energy.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

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Short Story written by: Rotsen Zerep.

I had always asked why my neighbors were never going out of their house. My parents used to say that were a bit strange, and that it was better not to talk to them. But I could not handle my curiosity. ”How can anyone stay always at home without going out at least to work?”.

I sometimes wondered if they were vampires, because their skin was white, kind of pallid, and I used to see them mostly during the night. I was scared, but not enough for not talking to them.


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Short Story written by: Lilian Susana

Lily is a curious naughty dog. She was one night bored at home, so, waited until her parents, Lola and Theo, fell asleep to go to the loft, forbidden place by their owner; in where she keeps old furnitures and boxes full of memories.

So, she opened the door with her little paws and went inside her paradise, boxes, hats, thousands of old shoes, clothes… Lily didn´t know where to start.

Short stories - Pluto the swimming dog

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Peter´s grandma is always telling fantasy and imaginary stories but she claims that are real.

One of peter´s favorite stories was the one of the unicorn; his granny told him that she went once to the river for a walk and there was a beautiful unicorn drinking from the river. She described the unicorn as beautiful and magic, with two big wings and colorful horn; and that he was actually talking with a mermaid who was swimming in the river.


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It was a cloudy day when Claudia decided to change her way to school passing in front of the enchanted house, known by everybody in town.

Her grandmother had told her scary stories about that house when she was younger, always warning her not to approach the house ever. But Claudia was very curious and couldn´t avoid the temptation of walking near the house and look at it.


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Short Story written by: Jose Antonio Zayas Salazar

My school was very old, the walls of the playground had holes in where the roots of the big and old trees were driven into them, Those huge trees could have hundred and hundred of years.

All children in school played there every afternoon. I still remember what happened that day, because I was there.


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In a faraway kingdom lived a handsome Prince called Jamie. Unfortunately his father the king had died a few years ago, and was his uncle the one replacing him just because nobody in kingdom thought that Jamie was ready to be the king.

Nobody thought the prince was brave at all, what really annoyed Jamie who wanted to do something with it.


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