Short Story for kids written by: Cecijorgesofi.

Hen Mom was very white, had a red crest and had had chicks recently. Today, in spite of her fears, she went out with all her chicks for a walk around the farm.

Sophie did not want to miss it, and went out with her photo camera, that she got to make photos of them for her album.


hen animals farm stories


She was keeping a distance from them, just how her parents had explained her. Suddenly, she began to hear some noises, increasingly strong; so she approached them like if she wanted to talk. Hen Mom was trying to tell her that one of her chicks was missing. Sophie figured out what she was trying to say, and went back to look for the chick.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Renata H.

A day like any other day, Ricky woke up and went to have a bath before being one hour in front of the mirror as usually; to go to see his friends.

-”Hi guys! How are you?” – Said Lily happily.

Ricky thought to himself: “They are so badly dressed; Lily always wearing Lilac clothes! and…oh…that fatty Roky sloppy with his beige shirt, even if he thinks is white…”


- ” Are we going to the party tonight?” – asked Roky.

- “No way, Roky” – said Ricky.

- “Why not?” – asked Lily without knowing what was Ricky thinking about.

- “I don´t tolerare it any more, you are always badly dressed, cheap…”

- “But that is how we dress”.

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Short Story for Kids written by: Chikiy Jhon.

Once upon a time…

There was a little ant, his name was Richard, but his friends called him Little one, the smallest ant; but he did not like that name at all, he wanted them to call him Richard. So he left his house.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

Richard went to a place called Tiarsa; his new home was John and Elisabeth´s house. They were married, and did not have children, but the ant loved them so much that one day dared to go up Elisabeth´s arm and talked to her.

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Short Story written by: Ruben Araya L.

There was a guanaco who was not happy living with his family, so decided to move to any other place where he could find his happiness. His family was sad when he left.

After a long walk, met a rhea, who asked him what was he doing hanging around there, and he answered that was coming from the high fields in where he left his family.

animal stories guanaco

The guanaco said to the rhea that he might be really happy, because had beautiful wings full of feathers; and the rhea denied it, because he wanted to fly like a condor, and he was only able of running.

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Short Story for Kids written by: Martha Bianchi.


There was a kid goat called Mike who had a little train with three carriages, a red one, a yellow one and a blue one.

One day, he decided to travel to the clouds. All the animals wanted to go, but there was no space enough, so some of the animals went one day, and the others went another day.


short story for kids train


Claire sheep was always the first getting inside the red carriage, and John, the little bear was next. Pig Peter and dog Simon went always inside the yellow carriage, and Lucas the cat, and Lily, the rabbit were always in the blue carriage.

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Short Story for Kids written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Once upon a time there was a wolf called Peter who lived in the forest. He was myopic, and had a big mouth with three teeth, and his favorite food were goat´s kids.

One day, he went for a walk through the forest with his son the little wolf, called Linus, and lost his glasses, so could not see anything.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

Began to look for them scared, but it was impossible to find them in the dense grass. His Son was helping him, but no signs of them either.

Suddenly, a kid of goat appeared and approached them:

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Short Story written by: Marina Elisabeth Velasquez (Guatemala)

It was a nice summer day, it was very hot and Bobby, a very naughty boy, had nothing new to do and so was very bored. Bored of being inside the house, went to the backyard to try to catch some insects to begin a collection. Got a jar, a little spade, and a little net to hunt butterflies.

He had got some animals, but wanted many more, was so enthusiastic getting insects at the garden, that decided to go further to discover what kind of animals were outside the house. Suddenly saw a butterfly with the colors of the rainbow and decided to include it in his collection. He was so anxious of getting the butterfly, that went to the deepest part of the mountain without realizing it. Finally, the butterfly lied on a ceiba tree trunk that had a big hole in the middle, and the butterfly went inside the hole.


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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

Little Snail is friend of a ladybug, a cow and a monarch butterfly. They all had fun with Little snail and his slime. When the sun goes down, little snail hides inside his house and has a nap.

It was sunny, so they decided to go shopping. Even if it does not look like that, Little snail was very fast, and, with monarch butterfly´s help, they arrived into a place full of games.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

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Short Story written by: Cecijorgeesofi.

Bananas Monkey was brown, and he really liked put on costumes, but what he most liked was to visit her friend Sophie to her house, without telling her. Bananas monkey lived beside the lake in where the banana tree was, in addition to a high palm tree to climb.

One day, Sophie was taking a bath, and didn´t hear Bananas monkey getting into her room. When the naughty monkey saw a tutu skirt on the bed, took it and put it on.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

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Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

George, the farmer, had breakfast every morning at the same time, before sunrise. Had breakfast all together, drinking the milk of Cowy the cow, so fresh and delicious that Sophie drank two glasses of milk every day.

Cowy, the cow, was near the family´s house, at the other side of the pen, she was not alone, besides her mom and her dad, there was a rabbit whom Sophie had called Fluffy, because he had a very spongy tail, white like cotton.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

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