Short Story written by: Teresa

Faraway from the city there was a town where the inhabitants were families of animals.

One day the ducks family went out for a walk, but when arrived back home duck mum realized that Ducky, one of her littles, wasn´t there, he got lost during the walk and it was raining!

Meanwhile, the pigs family was also outside enjoying the rain, they were having fun under the rain, playing with the mud... when saw the little duck alone under the rain.

Children´s stories - the ducks in the lake

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Short Story written by: Miranda Guzman

There was a big tree in an old house´s garden. Three animal communities where living in the tree; a honeycomb with lots of bees, butterflies at the branches of the tree and down at the roots the ants had built their homes.

Winter was coming and it was time to prepare for the season; the butterflies were still caterpillars and ate the leaves of the big tree, the bees started to collect pollen and the ants began to save food to survive during winter.


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Short Story written by: Jose Antonio Zayas Salazar

My school was very old, the walls of the playground had holes in where the roots of the big and old trees were driven into them, Those huge trees could have hundred and hundred of years.

All children in school played there every afternoon. I still remember what happened that day, because I was there.


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Short Story written by: Maria Abreu.

Martha went for a walk with her dog Tino to the park as every afternoon. Tino was a lucky dog, never lacked anything and always had what he wanted.

Once at the park, Martha used to release the dog who was happy running and playing with other dogs.

Then, when he was tired of playing, Martha gave him so food as a daily habit.


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