Short Story for Kids written by: Ulica Tizaber.

Once upon a time, there was a mouse who was a mouse and a pedestrian. He was living on a farm, because he was a woodmouse, and sometimes he made trips to the city.

As a mouse, he used to run all over the floor of the barn really fast, smelling everything that was similar to cheese.

Childrens stories - the tiny little mouse

He was very happy being a mouse, but it also had disadvantages, because any time a cat pursued him, the mouse got so nervous that it walked everywhere, banging his head on the walls, getting many bumps. But, as he was a prudent observer, he only met the cat a few times when his concentration lapsed.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Raúl Simao Ferraz.


….”Follow me! I will wait for you at the top of that mountain!”

And he flew away. The turtle did not hesitate to go to that distant place.

She walked through places she had never been before, saw things she had never seen before, and heard noises that were new for her.


Finally, after making a big effort, she arrived to the top of the mountain, where the bird was waiting for her. With her head lowered, looking at the ground, tired from her difficult journey, she recognized the bird´s legs and looked up at him.


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Short Stories for Kids written by: Raúl Simao Ferraz.

This is my story, the story of a turtle with no fear, a turtle with no fear that wanted to fly. I´m not saying she wasn’t scared but I am saying she was brave, and her enthusiasm for flying was stronger than her fear to try it.

Every morning, after eating, she used to go to the beach. There, she walked slowly on the sand, feeling every grain between her toes, taking the same way as always, until she arrived at a stone where she used to spend many hours.


She could feel the immensity of the world from there. The bay was eternally swirling without rest, and together with the sea, the wind whispered its music from the bottom of the earth to the top of the mountains, and they left some of the musical notes for herself.


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Short Story for girls and boys written by: Dani.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl called Lucy, who lived in a very small town. She had always wanted to have a pet, but her parents didn´t want her to have one because they said it was a big responsibility.

The girl was very sad, and her parents hated to see her like that. They felt great empathy for Lucy and so decided to buy her a pet, but unfortunately they didn´t have enough money.

frog short story girl toad

That afternoon, the girl went out to the park and saw a little toad, she liked him so much that she took him to her house. On the way home she gave him a name: Ronny.


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Short Story written by: Alejandra V.

Once upon a time…

There was a princess called Maggie, she was tall and as white as snow. She had red lips like a rose and her hair was brown. She had light blue eyes and was very nice and kind.

She was in love with a bricklayer called Kevin. He was tall, had brown hair and tanned skin. He was strong, had dark eyes, was kind and he was never angry.


He was also in love with her, but never said anything, unlike Princess Maggie who told the whole kingdom, that is, the whole kingdom except for her dad, because would have been very angry. Her mum knew everything.


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Short Stories for girls and boys written by: Rosa Jimenez Peralta.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dayane, she was very disobedient, never obeyed her mum, and her mum wanted to teach her a lesson. She punished her every time she behaved badly, but Dayana continued the same as always and didn’t care about the consequences.

She knew it was for her own good. Her mum loved her and didn´t want anything bad to happen to her, thats why she always gave her advice.


One day, Dayane woke up very early. When her mum saw her she told her to sit on a wood chair. Dayane didn´t want to, so her mom asked her to take another chair, but the rebellious girl said:

– “No!”


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Daleinis Moran.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl called Sophie who really believed in Santa Claus, but the other kids didn´t, and were always telling her not to believe because he was not real. They were always trying to discourage her so that she would stop believing in him.


That year, on the 24th of December Santa Claus arrived. Even those who didn´t believe in him, saw him and he gave them what they wanted for Christmas.


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Short Story for girls and boys written by: Cecijorgesofi.

The violet coloured dog girl had one job. To keep red coloured horse inside the fence and then, George the farmer would close the door, so that the horse would not eat the harvest of vegetables grown for the whole family.


But the red horse was friend to a flower called Rose Anna and, galloping, jumped over the fence.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Edgardo Luciano Camarero.


…The prince knew that the question was really difficult, and thought it was going to take him more than 5 seconds…He made a great effort, and three thousandths of a second before the time finished, he exclaimed:

– “3.838.214!!!”


- “Well done!” – said the voice – “Continue on your way, you just have one question left”

The prince kept walking through the dark corridors, watching out for everything around; suddenly he saw a light shining at the end of the corridor coming from a door, the prince ran to reach the door, but this closed brusquely and sirens were heard, the voice spoke again:


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Short story for kids written by: Edgardo Luciano Camarero.

In a faraway kingdom there was a prince who really loved maths, he was always solving mathematical problems in his notebook, and never used a mathematical calculator.

One day his father, King Wallace, said:


– “Dear son, you should go out and enjoy our garden and take some fresh air. It´s important to have friends and disconnect by breathing fresh air and by getting to know people. Please don´t spend all day solving mathematical problems in your room.”

-“Ok, but I don´t think I will enjoy it as much as I enjoy maths” – replied the prince.

The prince barely knew his castle, he was always worried about his maths problems and never looked further forward. He had never discovered the world outside his room, the number of corridors and doors and he didn´t know which door led to the back garden. Suddenly he saw a big wooden door at the end of one corridor. “That might be the exit”, he thought, and so he opened the door.

But it wasn´t the correct door. The prince had entered a dark place and he couldn´t see anything. After taking two steps he heard a voice saying:

– “You have just entered the most dangerous crossroads ever. You must solve three problems to get out of here.  If you make a mistake, you will never see daylight again. And the first question is: multiply 489 by 360?”

– “176,040!” – exclaimed the prince.

– “Correct!” – the voice exclaimed – “You can continue”

The prince realized that it was only about mathematical problems so he kept walking from the crossroads, observing everything around until he arrived at a steep cliff that had no exit. The voice said:

-“Now I have three questions for you, a step will appear for each one you solve and then you will be able to cross the cliff to the other side, but if you fail one of them, the steps will disappear and you will fall into the deep chasm and be devoured by snakes and poisonous spiders. And the first question is…How much is 92 divided by 2 minus 4 by 1 by 5 minus 8 by 3?”

The prince thought about it before answering.

After three seconds the prince said: “Two!”

– “You are right!, here is the first step”

The young prince obeyed the voice, who immediately said:

– “The second question: How much is 64 divided by 8 plus 3 by 2 plus 6 by 5 plus 9 divided by 3?

– “61” – said the prince sure of his answer.

-“Correct!” – said the voice, and added – “Walk to the next step and pay attention to the third question…How much is 43.126 multiplied by 89? you have just 5 seconds to solve it”

The prince knew that the question was really difficult, and thought it was going to take him more than 5 seconds…He made a great effort, and three thousandths of a second before the time finished, he exclaimed:

– “3.838.214!!!” ………




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