Short Story written by: Zoila Mariano Faillace

There were three friends who really liked spend time together, but one of them was black, and wanted to be white. One of his friends investigated how to turn his friend into a white kid, and found out that there was faraway town where the sea could change the skin color of those swimming in it.


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Short Story written by: Viviana Martinez (Colombia)

Hi mum, I am going to tell you something that happened to me today at nursery school. Imagine for a minute that I was the new girl at school and everybody saw me differently but that I was in the middle of everything; Do you know what, mummy?, I met a skinny girl, with long, black hair like Rapunzel´s, but also curly. She has chocolate coloured skin and a heart full of love and happiness, and she hugged me with her soft arms.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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Short Story written by: Stephany Gabriela (10 years old)

In a little town near a river lived a nice crocodile who everybody ignored. People were nice and happy except when with him.

An old woman always disturbed him and the rest of the animals used to blame him for everything, even if it wasn´t his fault.

Short stories - The lame crocodile

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Hannah was a turtle who lived in “Imagination forest”. One day she had a dream that felt real, so she decided to make it real when she woke up.

When her day began, she dressed up as a stone and went to the road that goes to “Calmed lake” and stayed there waiting. Only three people passed by that morning: “Daydream” the squirrel, “Lively” the butterfly and “Explorer” the deer.


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It was a summer afternoon, and like most summer afternoons, a group of boys were playing together in a park. They knew each other well, as they had spent the last three years of school together and tomorrow was the start of a new term, about which they were very excited and nervous.

The first day of school came, and all the boys from the park the day before were put in the same class. They jumped for joy all morning long. After lunch, the teacher came into the classroom with a boy they had never seen before. He was from China, and none of them had ever met anyone from that country.

All the children were quiet, waiting for the teacher to speak. And this is what she said: “Hello everyone, this is our newest class member. His name is Meipei and he’s six years old, just like all of you. Meipei comes from China, but he knows some English so I hope you will help him settle in and make him feel at home.”

Short stories - The new boy in class

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My name is George, and I’m going to tell you a story that happened last year just after my birthday. For a few months, I had noticed that mum and dad were acting differently towards me – they weren’t paying me so much attention.

My parents were very happy; they laughed a lot, and even my father, who is quite serious, wouldn’t stop cracking jokes to everyone. I just couldn’t understand why they were behaving so differently. Maybe it had to do with my mum’s growing tummy

One day at breakfast, they said to me: “George, we’ve got some good news for you; you’re going to have a little sister!

Short storie - George and his little baby sister

“A little sister? So… that’s what’s wrong with you!” I said.

“What do you mean?” Dad asked.

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In a school many years ago there was a teacher called Maria, who was very strict but knew a lot about reading and language. The children in her class called her “Miss” and went around calling “Miss, Miss!!” any time they wanted something. In her class there were fourteen boys and fourteen girls, and although the boys usually made more noise, normally everyone behaved very well.

One day, “Miss” Maria asked one of the boys, Peter, to read a children’s story. Peter began reading the children’s tale, which went like this: “In a far-off land there was once a sweet young princess called Sophie” The little boy stopped and exclaimed: “This is a girls’ story!!” and the whole class laughed. Maria the teacher interrupted to say: “Peter, it’s a children’s story and it’s for girls as well as boys. Think about this, do princes like princesses? They do, don’t they? So this is also a story for boys, because princesses are in it and when you are older you will probably like them.”

Peter was speechless at “Miss’s” explanation, but he realised that she was right and you should keep reading a story just the same, however girly it might seem.

Short stories - Stories for little girls and boys

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Once upon a time there lived a cat called Theodor. All the other cats in the area had great respect for him, for he had managed to be adopted by an old lady and he was looked after better than he could ever have imagined.

Old Chester was the local police-cat and his main duty was to warn the other cats of dogs prowling around nearby.

Today was an important day, for all the cats were going to decide who would be the new police-cat, for old Chester couldn’t run as fast as he used to and he was getting old and tired…


Childrens stories - Chester the police-cat


Theodor gave a long speech to persuade everyone that he was the best cat for such a big responsibility. He ate very well, he said, and this made him strong and healthy and therefore very fast.

Theodor thought he was certain to be voted the new police-cat because nobody else volunteered. But suddenly a pretty little cat appeared on top of a rubbish bin and spoke. “Hello friends, I too would like to be a candidate, for I’m very agile and quick“. Continue reading…