Once upon a time there was a boy who had felt inferior to others ever since he was small. His results in class were worse than the rest, and everybody in school used to make fun of him because he was so clumsy.

Sometimes he fell over playing football, and the other children used to laugh and say: “Paul you are so clumsy!


This kind of thing was not good for Paul as every time somebody made fun of him, Paul went on the defensive. Continue reading…


Wing was an inexperienced airplane because he was very young. He hadn´t yet made his first flight. He was beautiful and had big wings, but he was different as even though he was fully equipped, he was scared of flying.


One day, a young pilot asked him: “Wing, do you want me to pilot your first flight?” Wing was surprised to be asked and said; “I would love to, but I can´t”. The young Pilot was confused. No plane had rejected to fly with him before, so he asked: “Why can´t you fly?”. Continue reading…


There once was a lemon called Littlelemon who lived in the refrigerator of a Spanish house. This lemon was so sweet that when the family saw it they decided to save it to make a wonderful cake.


Littlelemon realized he was special, but he didn’t want to be different and so he started to cry because he just wanted to be normal, like other lemons.  “Buaaaaaaah, I just want to be a normal lemon, buaaaaaaaah,” he cried. Continue reading…


Children’s story written by María José López Muñoz, 19

Once upon a time there was a little bright star. Everyone called her Red because of her particularly bright red color. She was the first star to come out at night, and everyone believed in her. People would look up to the skies and make a wish, and Red, through her special magic, would make every wish come true.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One night, Red received a strange request from a little girl that confused and puzzled her. The little girl wanted a guardian angel. The little star searched all over the universe, but couldn’t find an angel for the little girl. She gave the little girl a best friend, but realised that was not what the girl had requested. It was the first time the little star was unable to make someone’s wish come true.

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There was once a twelve-year-old girl named Pippi, who really liked amusement parks even though she had never been to one.  Her parents had never let her go because they said they were very dangerous, but they would make an exception on her birthday and take her to the biggest amusement park of them all.

So on Pippi’s birthday, her parents bought her an all-day ticket for the park. Pippi was very happy about that, as you can imagine.

When she got there, Pippi’s jaw dropped in amazement at the amount of rides, and just how big the park actually was. Pippi and her sister ran to a new ride that had just been opened - the biggest rollercoaster in the world.

Short stories - Pipi and the rollercoaster

Just as they were about to get on, Pippi felt a fluttering in her tummy that made her stop in her tracks…

“Come on, Pippi! Get on, it’s about to go!” cried her sister. Continue reading…