Lolo was a pufferfish. For those who don´t know what a pufferfish is, they are fish that inflate like a balloon to show the spikes they have on their body to protect themselves when they perceive a threat.

When Lolo sees sharks or other big fish around he uses this technique to automatically protect himself.

Short stories - the good shark

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Short Story written by: Stephania Ferreyra.

Lauren and her friends Anna and Moly went to the swimming pool one sunny day with their mothers looking after them.

Suddenly somebody touched Lauren´s shoulder and when she looked back she saw Adeline, her fairy godmother who had come to talk to her: “I need your help, and only you can help me.”. Lauren felt a shiver.

Short stories - the forest fairy

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Wing was an inexperienced airplane because he was very young. He hadn´t yet made his first flight. He was beautiful and had big wings, but he was different as even though he was fully equipped, he was scared of flying.


One day, a young pilot asked him: “Wing, do you want me to pilot your first flight?” Wing was surprised to be asked and said; “I would love to, but I can´t”. The young Pilot was confused. No plane had rejected to fly with him before, so he asked: “Why can´t you fly?”. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a very smart girl called Lina. She lived with her parents in a neighbourhood in Madrid in Spain. Her house was really big with a big garden and a spacious garage where Lina would play and invent new things.

She was really smart, and was able to learn things that the rest of the kids could not even imagine.


One day, she went to repair her parents car and had an idea. Why not use chickpeas as petrol? She was really confident and so started to develop her invention. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sophie who really wished to have a puppy, but her parents were never at home because of their work, so they couldn’t take care of a little dog.

Short Stories Chopi

Sophie tried to convince her parents, but they always said that it was impossible to have an animal because it was a big responsibility. It is not enough to just feed the animal, you also have to play with him, wash him, spend time with him, and actually it is like having  a new member of the family. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a library full of Christmas books. The library was situated in the centre of town, this way more children could stop by and read the wonderful books.

One day, Jamie decided to go to the library to read some Christmas stories, but when he got there the place was empty!  He couldn’t believe it, “All the Christmas books have been stolen!” he cried.

short stores christmas books

Although Jamie was only 5 years old, he loved to solve mysteries like this one.  He was determined to find out what had happened to the missing library books.

Jamie decided to look for clues to solve the mystery. Who could have stolen all the Christmas books?  He spotted an important clue that even the police hadn’t seen: He saw a lock of hair, and he realised right away that the hair belonged to one of Santa’s reindeer. Continue reading…


Short story written by: pseudonym Acesita

Everyone knows me as Glup although my real name is Galish, and for the past twenty years I have been living in Jaipur, India.  I live very close to my aunts and uncles, my brother, and my friends, but I am not sure how far it is from where you live.

I have always been very curious to know what other families do for work.  So first, to break the ice, I will tell you about the different professions in an elephant family and maybe afterwards you can tell me about what your family does.


Contrary to what most people think, in an elephant family we all have different roles.  I, for example, am the diver in the family, and I also happen to be the youngest as I haven’t yet turned twenty one.

My dad who is 60 years old, weighs a lot, and he is three times my size! My mom, Kaira, just turned 65 a week ago. She was born before any of us. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a children’s football trainer called Vincent, in whose team there were three boys who all played as forwards. In every game, the trainer could only put one forward on the pitch, so he sometimes had difficulty choosing which forward should play. By coincidence, the three forwards were the best players in the team, so it was bad luck that only one of them could play in each match.

However hard Vincent looked for a solution, he couldn’t find one. He also found it very difficult to ask for help, for he believed that people would think he was stupid for not being able to resolve the problem himself.

But one day, the three forwards came to him and said: “Vincent, sometimes when we can’t fix something ourselves, it’s best to ask someone else for help…”


So Vincent remembered an old friend of his whom he could trust,someone with a lot of experience in training children’s football teams – the previous trainer, in fact.

So he decided to go to the former trainer, for he was very wise as he was older and more experienced. The old trainer was called Julian, and he welcomed Vincent with pleasure: “How are you, Vincent? How’s the team?” he asked. And Vincent replied: “That’s exactly what I’ve come to talk to you about.” Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a wolf called Howler who lived in a valley where lots of fruit trees grew. Howler would often try to climb up the trees to eat the fruit they produced. But the most appetising fruit was on the very tall trees that Howler couldn’t reach.

In the valley, an elderly man named Martin also had a few fruit trees that he looked after very carefully. But as he was getting older, he began to notice that he lacked the strength to pick the fruit, for it was very tiring work.

Martin had some of the biggest and most delicious fruit trees in the valley, which was why Howler had his eye on them. So one day he decided to try and reach their fruit and started jumping up and down the trunk.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

Martin, who was looking out of the window, realised that the wolf was trying to steal fruit from his beautiful trees, but however much Howler jumped and howled, he couldn’t reach even the lowest branches of such a big tree.

Seeing this, Martin had a great idea: he offered Howler a ladder to climb up, but in return the wolf would have to give him half of whatever he picked. Only then would Martin continue lending him the ladder.

Howler accepted the deal and set to work collecting the fruit, and for one whole morning he went up and down the ladder filling his basket with the fruit they would then share between them. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a village called Benidorm in Spain, which had a very big beach that got very busy every summer. It was also the home of Julian and Florrie, who originally came from the Spanish capital city of Madrid. They loved the beach, and they knew they would never leave Benidorm.

One day, they decided that when they grew old and could no longer travel, they would like their future grandchildren to come and spend time with them. And as they believed in magic, they thought up a plan to make their dream come true.

Julian was a good artist so he painted a picture of Benidorm beach. On the back, Julian and Florrie left a message for their future grandchildren, which was: “Think of your grandparents and you will appear on Benidorm beach with us.”


Julian and Florrie gave the picture to their children to pass down the generations, and told them to show it to future grandchildren and hang it in their room.

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