Short Stories for girls and boys written by: Rosa Jimenez Peralta.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dayane, she was very disobedient, ever obeyed her mom, and her mom wanted to teach her a lesson.She punished her every time she behaved badly, but Dayana continued like always, didn´t care about the consequences.

She knew it was for her own good, her mom loved her and didn´t want nothing bad happening to her, thats why she always advised her.


One day, Dayane woke up very early, when her mom saw her, sat her on a wood chair, she didn´t want to, so her mom asked her to take another chair, but the rebellious girl said:

- “No!”


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Short Story for Kids written by: team

Once upon a time…

There was a worms community living underground. Their biggest wish was to be able of going out to the surface to see the light. The king of the worms was the responsible for them reaching the surface to see the light.


The king of the worms used to give a speech every month telling the news in kingdom. But he always said the same to his citizens: “Dear worms, this is a bad year, we are still underground and this year, we won´t see the light either…”, used to say sitting on his throne without moving.


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Short Story for girls and boys written by: Maribel.

Today the forest was so lively. Rabbits go out of their dens to greet the new day, the moles awake timidly from their lethargy, getting ready to start the day.

The small deers have been gamboling for a while over the small scrubs, free like the wind caressing their backs.

Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire

Little by little, the forest is filling with its inhabitants: sparrows; hares; squirrels; snails; birds; woodpeckers; badgers…appear little by little filling with light, music and colors there where they are.


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Short Stories in English written by: Manuel Ibarra.

Without forgetting that approximately a month ago, he had lost a bet on the game: ”The consonants go to the zoologic“. Daniel meets his cousin Andrew at a Birthday Party of a family friend.

Sitting in a corner, Daniel takes a pencil and paper and asks his cousin: ”Do you want to play a consonant game, with the names of our families?”

Educational Stories alphabet

His cousin Andrew replies: ”Sure! I accept, but I am sure I will win again!”

They began to write without loosing time, after a few minutes Daniel exclaimed excited:


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alejandra, (Argentina).

Philip, the naughty sea wolf is really worried. Sitting on the sand, legs up, thinks and thinks. Why the sky is not as blue as before? When was the last time that the seagull Vonda visited him? Why can´t he swim free?

Before, the sea was transparent, he could go fishing relaxed.

short stories - the-little-tanned-crab

The adventure of searching for food is so funny! But in this present, who can get what is looking for when everything is so limited?


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Short Story for Boys and girls written by: Obed Madrid Calvo.

A gnome that was living in the forest, was at home boiling chestnuts with his cooking pot to cook the soup he really liked.

Then, his friend, Mr.Snail appeared at the window and called him.


- “Good morning happy gnome” – greeted the snail.

- “Hello Mr.Snail, do you want to taste my chestnut soup?” – said de gnome.

- “Mmm, smells really nice!”- the snail accepted.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Miranda Guzman.

Willy was a friendly lion who ate everything he saw…He would eat everything his friends and neighbors had.

He took the milk of his friend Peter Lion, took the meat to her friend Helen, the hyena, the carrots to Mr.rabbit, the honey to the bees from the big honeycomb.


He really deserved his nickname, “Glutton lion”, and that is how he lived, eating everything.

Until one day, John, the monkey, tired of Willy taking what was not his, had a very good idea.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Silvia Hernández Suástegui.

Ruth is a beautiful girl with red hair like sun rays. Her black eyes, big and beautiful, inherited from her maternal grandmother, sparkled with excitement seeing the sea. And she liked to walk along the beach to greet him and talk to him.

Short stories - Chatty summer

Every time she visited him, the sea waves, filled Ruth´s face of salty drops, getting the feeling of receiving thousand of kisses from him.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Daniel Enrich Guillén.

When the faithful white puppy called Fairy looked at your eyes, it was inevitable to have a tender gesture, a funny face, most times was a smile.

Her brown pupils took on a honey color when the sun light was reflected on them.


Emitted such a soft sparkle that captivated you. Always calmed, always tending to get your stroke.

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