Short Story for Children written by: Carolina Mora Arevalo.

The fairies fly around when see grandpa. A nice man who has always lived giving love and affection to his family.

He looks for calm between the flowers and the fruits from his vegetable garden, and discovers that he is picking the fairies´unconditional love, the same values he instilled in his family.

fairy fly princess

One of the fairies called Shanna represents generosity, flapping happily towards grandpa, but does not find the moment to offer her presents.

The second fairy is called Sissi, she is solidarity, she is always ready to support, not just Grandpa, also everybody around.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Valeria Sofia Carrero Vargas.

Once upon a time there was a child who really loved studying, but one day, his teacher scolded him because he had been late to school.

The next day, Charlie was late again, and the teacher advised him that could not happen again, and that she was going to talk with his parents. Charlie stayed quiet.


The next morning, the kid arrived on time to school, but the teacher told him that his homework were bad, that he had to pay attention in class when she was explaining and encouraged him to ask her any doubt.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Wendy Valeria Hernandez Rios.

Emma was a girl living in a very big house, had three floors, five bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen.

She loved to play with her dolls like if she was a doctor. Emma was eight years old, it was an incredible girl, very kind, patient, playful and loving.

short story ambulance doctor hospital


One day, her teacher asked them to write an essay and explain it in class about what did they want to be when they grow up, and why.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Juliana Gonzalez.

Once upon a time…

There was a kitty called Blue, it was a carey cat with many colors like black, yellow…like a night of lots, lots of colors.

One day went to a house with his brothers and sisters, there were fewer cats because were giving them.

short story animal cat kitty

When the day finished Blue was still there, nobody wanted to take him. Weeks and months passed, but nobody wanted him, until the owner of the house got tired of the kitten and chased him out the house.


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Short Story for Kids written by: M. Gabriela Reyes G. (8 years old)

Once upon a time, there was a kitten called Adam, who loved reading. When his friends called him to go playing, he never wanted to go.

One day, his friends got pissed off, because he was always reading and they always wanted to play with a ball, with a ball made of wool, to catch insects, to run…so, they tried to break his books; but Adam explained them that reading is funny, that when you read, can imagine the world of the book, can live big things and meet incredible places.

books Short Stories

Per example, if you read a book of superheroes, you can imagine you are one of them, saving the world. If you read a book about the sea, you can imagine yourself as a sailor, friend of many marine animals, or if you are reading a book about astronauts, you can see yourself walking on the moon, discovering other planets and other beings, being you are an astronaut inside your spacial plane and you are walking all around the galaxy.


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Short story for children written by: Daniela.

Once upon a time there were two girls. One was called Sophie and the other was called Lucy.

Sophie was so popular, but was a bit rude; and Lucy was a quiet girl, nobody respected her at school. Nobody wanted to be with her because they said that it was a weird girl. However, everybody followed Sophie, everybody wanted to be with her.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One day, Lucy went out of class and came upon Sophie, who said:

- “You are kind of ugly”.


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Short Story for kids written by: Ruben Araya.

There was a snail who really loved playing the ball with his friends Fray and Peter. They used to go to the park in the valley. A very beautiful place. But Florence was a bit sloppy with his own stuff and toys.

One day after playing, went back home without thinking about the ball. When arrived home realized that had lost it, and told his mom. She told him not to be careless with his toys and he promised not to do it again.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

Went back to the park and asked Peter if he had seen a ball, he said yes, actually he had it because had found it behind a tree; so gave it to him in that moment.

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Short Story for Children written by: Xiomara Ubierna.

There was a girl called Sissi, who was a millionaire and a dreamer, had brown and straight hair, green expressive eyes and was living in Japan.

One day, she went for a walk through the forest with her parents, she realized when walking that the sky was getting dark, were many gray clouds and started raining; were love drops that God was sending.


The cute girl was so curious to know what was going on, observed the drops and realized that each drop coming from the sky had moral values. It was magic coming from the sky, she was watching them.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Leonor Sanchez.

Once upon a time…

There was a very conscientious man, always making sure that his flowers were well fertilized, watered and that there was enough sun to keep his garden beautiful.

In his garden were roses, peonies, daisies, carnations, petunias, lavender, even beautiful orchids, all kind of flowers and aromatic plants that were his pride and used to share it with whom he could.




One day saw a new flower between his, that he did not had sow, but cared for it anyway, like as he did with the others, until the timid blue flowers appeared.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Samaria Isai López Beltran.

Once upon a time, there was a kid going out of his house, he was going to ride his bicycle, suddenly, turned to the left, because had seen a girl passing.

As he was distracted, a car passed really near and almost ran over him; he fell to the ground, got hurt, and the bike broke in peaces.

bike children short story

The kid went back home with many scrapes, wounds and a broken leg.


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