Willy was a very special kid; he was very nice and kind, but wasn´t too happy for some reason.

One day his parents realized that every time they scolded him, Willy was very sad, and came to the conclusion that the problem was their way of educating Willy, which was not a positive education.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

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Five riddles about nature for all of you! Answers are below.

But don´t forget to solve the riddles before checking the answers. Hope you like them!





1. Who am I shining so bright
With my pretty silver light,
Pepping through your windows grey?
Tell me, little boy, I pray.


2. I´m gentle enough to soothe your skin,
light enough to fly the sky,
strong enough to crack rocks,
What am I?


3. I can fly but have no wings,
I can cry but have no eyes,
Wherever I go, darkness follows me.
What am I?


4. My rings are not worth much, 
but they do tell my age,
What am I?


5. I have roots nobody sees,
I am taller than trees.
Up, up I go,
but never grow.
What am I?


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